The Psychic Proverb Test


Five volunteers are each given a pen, a blank visiting card and a small brown wage envelope before being instructed to write down a well-known proverb or saying onto the visiting card.

The five volunteers are then told to seal their visiting card into the brown wage envelope, which they have also been given, and then to place all of them into a pile on the table.

Once placed upon the table another independent volunteer mixes up the five envelopes so that neither you, the audience nor the on stage volunteers have any idea what order they are in.

You then explain that by studying their Navels, which will reveal their true personalities, you will attempt to give back the correct visiting card to the person who actually wrote it.

They are all told to keep quiet and not say or do anything which would indicate if your choice is right or wrong until you have given all five of them a card and tell them to indicate if you are correct or not.

For the first time you get to touch the envelopes and one by one you open them and by studying each person's Navel in turn give back one card to each person.

At the very last minute you change your mind about two of your choices and swap around two of the cards between two of the volunteers.

Now its make or break time and you say "I'm going to count to three and on the count of three if and only if I've given you the correct card - namely the one which you yourself wrote, then and only then I want you to wave the card in the air and shout out as loud as you can - Jonathan Royle is the world's greatest psychic Hallelujah!"

1, 2, 3 (At this point all five wave their cards high in the air and shout out that you're the worlds greatest psychic which always leads to spontaneous applause from the audience)

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

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