The Blindfold Drive

Imagine alerting Journalists from all the National Newspapers, Leading glossy magazines and all the TV/Radio news shows that a lunatic will be driving BLINDFOLDED through the city at 12pm (lunchtime) and that this is an event they should not miss.

Imagine then five minutes before this time calling the POLICE and telling them a BLINDFOLDED person is driving down the main street of the city and they should investigate.

Imagine then being arrested by the POLICE for dangerous driving on the street in question which just so happens to be where all the TV/Radio, Newspaper & Magazine Journalists, Photographers and film crews are!

Imagine that when you get out of the car having been stopped by the Police, both the Police and the Media witness the following items being removed from your head:

01) A Large Black Bag is first removed from your head. 02) Under this over your eyes is a Blindfold made of CAST

IRON, which is painted black. 03) When this is removed it is seen that over your eye sockets with surgical tape are stuck large cotton wool pads. 04) These are then removed to reveal solid coins stuck over your eyes using Dough such as that bread is baked with!

Become A More Spiritual Person Today

Become A More Spiritual Person Today

Before the Lord God created man on the earth He firstly prepared for him by making a creation of valuable and pleasant things for his nourishment and joy. In Genesis the account of the creation of these are named plainly

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