Tea Bag Reading

Tea Bag reading has been devised to bring a modern day slant to the age old tradition of a psychic reading the tea leaves and the patterns they make in your cup after its contents have been drunk.

In our modern world people have become either too lazy or too busy to take time to brew a proper pot of tea using tea leaves and that's why the use of tea bags has become so popular. I have noticed that the way people make a cup of tea and the state their tea bag is in at the end reveals an awful lot about them and that is how I discovered that tea bag reading works!

For example a relaxed, calm & happy person might squeeze their teabag out gently before removing it from the cup and casually disposing of it in the bin.

Whereas a stressed, worried and unhappy individual might literally take their frustrations out on the teabag and squeeze it so hard and for a prolonged period of time that it becomes a small deformed shadow of its former shape!

So that's the idea for teabag reading, the way people squeeze the bags when making their tea and also the manner in which they then dispose of them, or in some cases try and make two cups from one bag all reveal a lot about that person.

The brand of teabag and flavour of teabag they use could also reveal lots about their personality and attitude to life.

You could also explore the idea that whether the person uses a cup or a mug reveals things and that perhaps the bigger the mug/cup they use the bigger their ego is?

Think about it I'm sure you can have a lot of fun with this one!

Healing Spiritual Techniques

Healing Spiritual Techniques

Spiritual healing is the ability of your mind and soul to repair your ailments. These ailments are not limited mere physical wounds, but can also relate to mental illness and self esteem issues. Many modern day physicians invoke the idea of spiritual healing along with western medicine as a means to promote the health of their patients.

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