Return From The Dead

With this stunt you tell the viewers or listeners at home to get a pen, a blank sheet of paper, an ashtray and a lighter or matches ready as later on they can take part in an experiment to prove that there really is life after death!

Later in the interview you tell the viewers/listeners to write down onto the piece of paper the full name of a deceased relative or friend with whom they would like to make spiritual contact.

They are then told to set fire to the paper and allow it to burn away in the ashtray, whilst at all times looking into the flames produced by the burning paper.

You tell them that just so long as they stare at the flames and concentrate on their loved ones name, they will receive instant spiritual contact from their friend or family member.

You then say "Anyone watching/listening who carry's out this experiment and makes contact with their loved ones please call the station and tell us what happened on (then give their number) and perhaps we will get you on a future show!"

That's it really except to say that as with all stunts of this nature it is best if you DO NOT tell the shows producer, researcher or presenter that you will be doing it as then they cannot possibly do anything to stop it being transmitted (assuming it's a live show).

Also by finding out the shows direct dial telephone number you can instantly (from memory) give this number out to the viewers or listeners and as a result their phone lines will be jammed.

You can guarantee that their phone lines will be jammed for a few reasons:

01) Because you would have around a dozen of your friends and family who are located in different areas of the Country call up and claim to have had a spiritual experience as a result of the experiment.

02) Because members of the public want to be on TV and the

Radio and as such will ring up claiming something has happened when it hasn't in the hope that this may lead to their 15 minutes of fame.

03) A small percentage of people will allow their mind to play tricks on them and will genuinely believe that something has happened.

04) Consider that the show probably only has two or three phone-lines & that from the thousands or millions of people watching/listening if only 0.5% of them responded then that would be hundreds of calls and the phone lines would be jammed for hours.

Stunts which prompt the viewing/listening audience to both participate in an experiment and then to call in will always lead to the phone lines being jammed and those who have seen Uri Geller perform on TV will know that he uses this fact to great effect.

The shows producers, researchers & presenters will all be so impressed by the chaos caused and the interest shown in you by their audience that they will make sure they get you back onto their show VERY - VERY - SOON!

This "RETURN FROM THE DEAD" stunt can also be used in printed media publications, again the readers are told to do exactly the same thing and then upon having a spiritual experience they should contact the publication.

The only difference being that in this case you must tell the publication what you are going to do and in the case of Daily newspapers state an actual time that day when they must carry out the experiment.

With magazines which may have a shelf life of up to a month you should mention an actual date and time (towards end of its shelf life) that the experiment should be carried out.

For some reason making a specific time and date when everyone reading the article should carry out the experiment makes it seem all the more believable that something special will happen and if they start to believe this then their mind WILL play tricks on them and something WILL HAPPEN!

The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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