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The reputed psychic power of the Pyramids is infamous and it is this rich history of the Egyptians and the mystique surrounding the ancient pyramids that was the basis for Pyramid hat power!

Read a book on Pyramid Power and you will discover that in experiments it has been discovered that an apple placed under a Pyramid shaped wire frame lasted significantly longer than an identical apple placed nearby before rotting.

Apparently Pyramids have amazing preservation qualities which are illustrated and highlighted by the fact that the Egyptians choose to bury their dead in the Pyramids, helping them to become "Mummy's" with ease.

It is also believed that Pyramids draw Natural psychic & healing energy from the Universe around them and amplify the intensity of this for the good of all the Pyramid contains.

If you like, this means the tip (point) of the pyramid acts as a receiver or Ariel through which all the Psychic energy from the universe is absorbed and as this energy floods down to the base of the Pyramid it becomes amplified more and more as the Pyramid gets wider and wider towards its base!

I therefore realised that it would be a good idea to make Pyramid shaped hats which people could wear when they were ill, the Pyramid would draw the universes Psychic healing energy to it and it would then be passed through the pyramid and into the person wearing the hat to help them recover!

I have also discovered that these Pyramid hats can be worn by workers in factory's and this will, as once featured on American TV show "World Weekly News" enable the wearer to become far more productive in their job!

Working on the premise that Pyramids draw psychic energy to them and that there are countless reports world-wide of people having Psychic experiences who have visited and entered the Pyramids in Egypt also makes the use of Pyramid Hat's ideal as a novel presentational slant for many Mentalism routines.

You could have two spectators wearing Pyramid Hats, one being the transmitter and one being the receiver in a demonstration of telepathic ability, which is enhanced due to them wearing the Pyramid Hat!

Then one spectator draws a simple image and projects this image to the other spectator who amazingly manages to draw exactly the same image on their pad.

Incidentally this drawing duplication effect will be explained later in this manual and is indeed the effect I use as an apparent demonstration of Pyramid Hat Power!

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