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Psychic Tree Slapping was developed in order to help trees and plants growing in unnatural environments to grow with more natural results!

It can also be used on trees & plants growing in their natural environment as a way to accelerate their growth and speed of development.

Some people think that when trees move they create the wind, however the reality is, that it is the wind, which makes the trees move.

Trees/Plants growing in natural environments are used to and indeed grow better when subjected to all the NATURAL weather changes, which of course also includes wind & rain.

Some Trees/Plants however are unfortunate in the fact that they are growing in UN-NATURAL environments and therefore will not be subjected to natural weather climates, which means that they will not grow with NATURAL results.

Using a combination of Metal Fish Spatula's, Plastic Fly Swatter's, water spray, snoring music and Psychic healing powers a new therapy for Trees/Plants has been devised, tested and perfected which I have called "Tree Slapping".

Scientists at London's Kew Gardens have discovered that Trees or Plants growing in unnatural environments such as indoors can be made to grow more naturally by sending vibrations through the soil they are planted in.

This in effect stimulates them in the same way, as the wind hitting their stems/trunks would have done in a more natural setting.

In Tree Slapping I first make mental communication with the Tree/Plant to be treated and then I use the items as follows:

01) The Metal fish Spatula is slapped against the stem/trunk to simulate the effect fast or hard wind would have on it in a more natural environment.

02) The Plastic Fly Swatter is used in the same way to simulate the softer or slower wind types.

03) The hand held water spray is used to simulate light rain fall

(when sprayed slowly) and heavy rainfall (when sprayed rapidly).

04) A half-hour tape recording of me SNORING is also used.

Initially the Spatula is in one hand and the Swatter in the other whilst I randomly SLAP the stem/trunk at various different points, the combination of the soft & hard SLAPS making it like a natural environment where there would be slow/fast &

hard/soft wind!

After a few seconds of this the tree starts to "TALK" to me by mental communication and rather like a human having a massage who tells the masseur to rub further down their back, so the Tree tells me by Telepathy where on its Trunk it wants to be


Five minutes of this mixed slapping sensation is then followed up by Five minutes of concentrated hard slapping which is done with a Metal Fish Spatula in each hand SLAPPED randomly over the Trees trunk.

Next its time for five minutes of soft slapping whereby a plastic Fly swatter is used in each hand to randomly slap the tree.

We then randomly spray water over the trunk in both fast and slow bursts in order to simulate the effects of hard & soft rainfall!

Finally its back to a few minutes of combined soft/hard tree slapping use one instrument in each hand and this time slapping only where the tree tells us by telepathy that it feels it needs a little more attention.

The therapy session is now over, however an important thing, which should not be forgotten, is the music, which is played during the session.

This music is a half-hour tape, which was recorded one night of me snoring in my sleep.

I went to bed that night and focused on having dreams of trees & plants growing more naturally & rapidly and the snores recorded onto this tape were the result of these dreams.

This "Sound Therapy" also seems to help the trees grow, again it could be something to do with the vibrations that sound make helping to stimulate the plant as in the research done by Kew gardens in London.

This treatment is carried out twice a week until the desired results are achieved, however those wishing their Trees/Plants to experience a happy and natural lifespan would continue the treatment at least once a week indefinitely in order that it continues to believe and react as if it were growing in a natural environment.

Tree Slapping can easily be taught to anybody and that's why it appeals to TV & Radio Gardening shows and Specialist magazines, along with the national press alike!

Those unable to devote the time to the therapy for their trees and plants or indeed those with very small plants which could not at this time stand the therapy are encouraged to buy my audio tape "Sleep & Grow" with Jonathan Royle!

It has been found by many that playing this half-hour tape of my snoring, recorded whilst transmitting my Psychic Healing energy through my dreams in the vicinity of the patient (trees and plants) often leads to amazing growth results.

Indeed UK Livings "Live at Three" show discovered that 2 out of 3 plants treated by me with just a few minutes of "Tree Slapping" grew better than all 3 comparable plants in similar conditions which were not!

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