Psychic Metal Bending Made Easy

I will now reveal to you some of the easiest methods there are to perform Psychic Metal Bending stunts which look equally as amazing as anything you'll ever see Uri Geller perform.

I'm only going to be giving brief details here, but with a little common sense and a little practice by yourself in front of a mirror of what I reveal you will be Metal Bending in no time!

The bottom line secret of any Metal Bending technique is that you either switch the straight (unbent) item for a duplicate bent item using sleight of hand, giving the impression that this now bent item is the same one you started with.

Or you have tampered with the Key, Fork or Spoon before the show to make it weaker or last but not least you use a method to divert attention, physically bend the borrowed item and them use sleight of hand to make the bend appear apparently visibly in front of their eyes.

Otherwise you are using faked Keys or Cutlery such as the items supplied in the "BENDING FORK" set mentioned and recommended earlier in this manual.

In order to be able to bend borrowed Keys, Spoons, Forks &

Nails I would recommend that you purchase the books "Gellerism Revealed" by Ben Harris and "Key Bending" by Walker M. Both of these are available from Magic Books by Post and teach you impromptu ways to bend borrowed objects!

On the subject of Key Bending effects I would advise you to buy "Hell Bent Extra" by Bob Solari which is an excellent effect in which a Key chosen by the spectator bends dramatically.

Also Key bending wise a special device called "PERFECT KEY BENDER!" invented by Guy Bavli is available from magic dealers for around $40-00. This gimmick enables you to both bend and then re-straighten borrowed keys in the most amazing ways!

Those serious about learning Metal Bending would also be well advised to purchase the three volume video set by Guy Bavli entitled "Bending Minds - Bending Metal" as you'll learn methods to bend keys, spoons, forks and nails which will blow your mind as well as some other amazing stuff like stopping watches by mindpower alone!

The Fork technique I use for Metal Bending is to before the show bend one of the times away from the other three so that when the fork is held with its back to the audience, the bent tine is pointing out towards you.

When this Fork is picked up and shook towards the audience or camera the bent tine is not visible and the fork appears normal in all ways, then as you slow down the speed at which you shake the fork backwards and forwards the bent tine starts to become visible and from the audiences point of view it looks as though the tine is visibly bending away from the others.

This illusion of the tine visibly bending away from the other's can now be made to look even more dramatic by turning the fork sideways on to the audience as you slow down the pace of shaking it even more and visually the illusion is that of the tine bending visibly away from the others!

I then Pick up a spoon and as I rub it the metal of the spoon appears to turn all rubbery, the bowl of the spoon starts to flop over and then the spoon snaps into two separate pieces.

To achieve this the spoon must be prepared before the show, to do this you bend the bowl of the spoon backwards and forwards at its neck and keep on doing this until you hear and see the metal crack slightly which happens just before the neck is about to snap off.

This is something you will have to do a few times until you get the hang of stopping as soon as you see/hear the crack in the neck develop and then bending the neck straight so it still looks like a normal untampered spoon from a short distance.

When it comes to ShowTime the spoon looks from a short distance normal and can be held by its handle in the normal way, however due to the preparation even the slightest pressure on the bowl will make it bend dramatically.

You can then take hold of the spoon by its neck (where the crack is already) and with your free hand bend the bowl back and forth until you feel the bowl snap off completely.

Keep the fact the bowl is now separate from the neck/handle hidden under your fingers, which cover the gap. You can now allow the bowl to flop forward as if the metal has turned to rubber and then when you release your grip/pressure on the base of the bowl it will fall to the floor as if the metal has at that very second snapped.

Practice this in front of a mirror and very quickly you'll learn how to make it look like you pick up a normal spoon, rub it and make it start to bend and then allow it to visibly turn to rubber as It finally snaps into two pieces!

For those already with knowledge of metal bending here's a final thought to set your creative minds off in an entirely new direction.

Colour Photocopiers (laser copiers) make good duplications of coins and keys, which look like they are real metal!

Imagine copying both sides of a coin and then placing one of these copied coin faces on either side of a thin (coin thickness)

piece of flat sponge or foam rubber, before finally colouring the edges a natural coin colour.

From a short distance the object would look normal and yet whenever desired could be bent in half visibly giving the effect that a solid metal object had turned to rubber.

You could then use sleight of hand to switch this gimmicked coin for a genuine coin which you have bent in advance enabling you to apparently hand out the coin they have just seen you visibly bend for examination.

Colour laser copies could also be taken of both sides of a key and then stuck either side of a key shaped (and key thickness) piece of foam rubber or sponge and then coloured along the edges in the same way.

Switched for a genuine metal pre-bent key by sleight of hand after the audience has visibly seen you bend the gimmicked key you would have a very powerful key bending effect on your hands.

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