On the day of your show go to a large store in the general area of the performance venue and purchase Five decks of playing cards with a mixture of different coloured backs and if possible back designs as well.

Ensure that you ask them for a carrier bag, which bears the stores name, and make sure you keep the receipt, which will also bear their name.

Return home and very carefully undo the flaps or slice open (using a razorblade) the cellophane flaps at the bottom end of the deck.

You will then be able to carefully remove the cellophane cover keeping it intact for replacement later.

The sticker, which seals the deck closed, is sliced through with a razor blade enabling you to open the box and the cards are removed from within.

You carefully undo one end of the cellophane and remove the cards from it, again keeping the cellophane until later.

The Jokers are placed to one side and the deck is now set up into the famous 8 Kings deck set up, which for those few who don't know goes as follows:

The order of the cards letters or numbers as referred to in the routine is easily remembered by use of the simple Mnemonic of:

Eight - Kings - Three - Tenned - Two - Save (7) - Ninety (9) -Five (5) - Ladies (Q) - For (4) - One (A) - Sick (6) - Knave (J)

And the order of the suits is easily remembered by the Mnemonic CHaSeD. Each of the capital letters in this word referring to one of the suits e.g. the order is Clubs, Hearts, Spades and then Diamonds.

At this point place the two Jokers and the extra Joker randomly into the deck and them carefully replace the deck into its cover before sticking the cellophane back together at the bottom using clear superglue.

The sealed deck is now replaced into the box and the boxes flap is carefully shut so that it is not noticeable that the self-adhesive seal has ever been sliced.

The cellophane cover is then carefully replaced over the box and the bottom flaps of the cellophane stuck back in place using clear superglue.

The other four decks of cards are also prepared in this way and then they are placed inside the plastic bag along with the receipt and you are ready for your arrival at the performance venue.

Incidentally although this sounds very complicated It doesn't take long at all and as only one deck is used for each show, the truth is you need only prepare ONE NEW DECK for each show.

However you will still need to buy Five new decks per show if you want a receipt dated that day for the purchase of five decks of cards which is placed into the carrier bag along with the cards.

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Healing Spiritual Techniques

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