(Palm Reading For Dogs or How To Be A Canine Clairvoyant Revealed & Explained!)

In order to keep appearing on a regular basis in National Newspapers and Magazines, along with regular spots on TV & Radio shows you need to keep on coming up with something new and different and that's why I developed Pawology.

Pawology is the name I have given to my ability of being able to do Psychic readings for dogs in much the same way as many Psychics do Palm Readings (Palmistry) for human beings.

Look at a dog's paw and you will notice that they have five pads on the underside of their paw. Four of these are in a row at the top with a fifth and final pad below them in the centre.

I have through trial and error named these pads as follows:

From left to right (whilst facing the dog) on the top level where the four pads are together are the: LIFE PAD, HEAD PAD, LOVE PAD & LUCK PAD.

And the final of the five pads, which is on its own, located in the bottom middle area of the paw is the HEALTH PAD.

I have discovered that when the front end of any pad is raised more than the rear (sticks up more at that end) that this is a positive indication in that area of the dog's life.

However where the rear end is raised more than the front (sticks up more at that end) then this is a negative indication in that area of the dog's life.

For presentation purposes I say that we look at the dogs right hand paw (left as we face it) to discover things about its Past. And that we look at the dogs left hand paw (right as we face it) to discover things relating to its Present & Future life.

Also I have become something of a modern day Dr. Dolittle by communicating with the dog's at a spiritual and psychic level.

When I am holding onto a dog's paw I very often am able to communicate with them in a non verbal manner whereby they say things in their mind and I receive them (or hear it) in my mind!

I have also discovered through trial and error that the way each of a dog's paws feels also tells us a lot about their past - present and future.

For example in general the smoother that pad is the easier that area of the dogs life has been to date or will be in the future.

And the rougher it feels the more difficulties there will have been in that area of the dogs life up till now or will be in the future.

Palmistry has been found over many hundreds of years to be extremely accurate and indeed since 1995 I have found the art of Pawology to be very accurate also!

As we are all a nation of animal lovers and many of us have our own pet dogs it is little wonder that Pawology is of interest to the media.

Indeed to date numerous National press articles have appeared about my Paw Reading talents including a half page feature in The News of The World which as you may know is Britain's highest readership Sunday Tabloid!

Radio shows have included BBC Radio Belfast, GMR Radio, Talk Radio UK, 210 FM, BRMB Radio, Derby FM, Comedy World Radio (USA) & BBC Radio One amongst numerous others.

Television wise Pawology has been featured successfully on countless shows including C4's "Big Breakfast", twice on C5's "Fives Company", BBC 1's "False or True" and numerous times for productions made by RDF, RTL and Pro Sieben (7) TV for the European markets!

Pawology is also ideal as a form of live entertainment for events such as dog shows & animal society Christmas parties.

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