Pawology The Clipboard

Whenever I am to see the dogs in person to read their paws I always ensure that I get to see them and their owners before the TV/Radio show goes on air or the Stage show begins.

I usually have three owners present with three very different breeds of dog as this visually looks better and I have found that three dogs gives you long enough for your interlude of dogs paw reading. (Pawology)

Before the show I meet the owners and their dogs in person, I use this opportunity to introduce myself to the dogs and their owners.

The important things here is to remember which owner is with which dog, what breed that owner's dog is and also what the dogs name is.

You then explain that to get things clear IN THEIR MINDS before going on air/stage you want them to fill in a short questionnaire about their dog.

They are told this is FOR THEIR BENEFIT and will help to make things much CLEARER IN THEIR MINDS when it comes to ShowTime.

You tell them to fill in the questionnaire as this will help burn relevant information INTO THEIR MINDS, which may or may not be referred to later in the show.

All three of them are then given a clipboard attached to that is the doggie questionnaire and a pen with which to write down their answer's.

You explain that as you don't want to be accused of cheating (this is reverse psychology as anyone cheating wouldn't draw attention to the possibility would they?) that you will leave the room for ten minutes whilst they complete their answers.

They are told to answer the questions as fully as possible within the next ten minutes and before you return to remove the paper from the clipboard, fold it up and hide it in one of their pockets so that you CANNOT POSSIBLY SEE IT as you want your demonstration of Pawology to be under test conditions!

You now leave the room and return briefly ten minutes later apparently to thank them for their time and to wish them luck before you go on air, whilst in the room however you casually pick up the three clipboards and say "As we have finished with these I'll return them to the main office!"

This comment implies that they do not even belong to you and so any thoughts about the clipboards will now be completely distant from their minds.

You can now return to your dressing room and discover what details they wrote down about each of their dogs and of course it is this information which is then used on air and fed back to them in different words.

Because of the way it was handled the dogs owners think the questionnaires were FOR THEIR BENEFIT and don't even think the clipboards belonged to you and so they will be amazed by your revelations.

And of course the viewers or live audience will be just as, if not even more amazed as they have absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE of the clipboard ever being used or the questionnaires being filled in!

So what questions should you ask on the questionnaire? Well I suggest the ones which follow as the answers given to these will give you more than enough information for your on air readings.

Incidentally you know which questionnaire relates to which dog as you have already met the dogs and their owners and know all their names & breed which can then be easily cross referenced with the completed questionnaire's.

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