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Once again the secret of Pawology is little more than the use of effective cold reading techniques, the main obvious advantage here being that dogs cannot talk back and as such will never be able to say you are wrong.

This means that when you apparently discover things from the dog's paw and/or from mental communication with it and tell its owner they will have no choice but to accept it as fact.

For example telling the owner that their pooch is fed up of the routes they are being taken on for their walks is something that the owner cannot possibly argue with as they are unable to talk directly to their dog and as such have to take your word for it.

The Cold Reading methods used are IDENTICAL to those explained in the Navel Reading section of this manual and are used on the dogs owner.

You of course are apparently looking at the various areas of the dog's paw as you use these methods to gain information about the dog's life and to make apparently accurate revelations and predictions about it.

On all occasions I have found that spending a few minutes with the dogs and their owners before going on air or on stage will enable me to obtain much information about the dogs life to date just by showing a genuine sincere interest in that person and their dog which they love so much.

Remember that flattery will get you everywhere, so praise the owners ego, tell them how lovely their dog is and before you know it they will be telling you the dogs life story before you even get on air or on stage!

You then of course feed this information back to them in your own words and with lots of predictions for the future which of course at this time cannot be proved right or wrong either way.

I also on many occasions make use of a Mentalists clipboard in order to obtain much information about the dog without the owner ever realising how I managed to find it out, in other words they end up believing that I discovered it through reading their dogs paws!

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