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Remember the old stunt of removing the skin from a Banana to discover that it is already sliced?

Well for the Banana stunt you just stick a needle through the skin and wiggle it from side to side before removing it from the same hole.

This slices the Banana in half at the point where the needle was inserted and leaves no tell tale signs on the skin. The Banana looks normal but when the skin is undone will fall apart into two separate pieces.

A whole bunch of Bananas can be gimmicked in this way and then a spectator can be given a free choice of Banana, which they remove from the bunch.

You can explain that in EEC Countries and under new European Laws it is illegal to sell Bananas which do not have a big enough bend in them, which as a matter of interest is as bizarre as it sounds TRUE!

Being inspired by Psychic metal bender Uri Geller you have devised a way to make the previously unsuitable for sale (not bent enough) Bananas saleable by mind over matter!

You show the chosen Banana to camera and then start to rub it as you concentrate your Psychic energies into it and as you do so THE BANANA VISIBLY BENDS!

Well at least that's the way it looks to TV viewers as you simply hold the Banana face on to the camera so that people are looking into the bend, which makes the Banana look much straighter than it actually is!

Try this in front of the mirror, holding the Banana so the curved side points outwards towards your body and the side facing the mirror is the inner side of the bend or to put it another way the mirror image is that of someone looking into the bend.

Then as you rub the Banana and apparently do your psychic thing you simply turn the Banana slowly from the position it is in, to one where it ends up held with the bend pointing down towards the floor.

Do this correctly and it actually does look like the Banana is bending a bit and has become more bent than it originally was!

You can then tell the spectator to point out their finger and imagine all the psychic energy in their body flooding out through their finger like a laser beam.

At this point they are told to imagine slicing the Banana in half with the laser beam without damaging its skin in much the same way Doctors can use Lasers to operate on our internal organs without cutting through our skin!

Now the Banana can be un-peeled by the spectator who like the audience will be amazed that the Banana has become sliced into two separate pieces.

Yes I know you think I'm mad and that this would not fool anyone, let alone pass as genuine Psychic Powers, however I can assure you that done correctly it does work and DOES AMAZE - and this is because of the correct way it is done and the context within which it is performed.

I usually use this as a lead in for a more serious metal bending routine and would advise you to do so as well.

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