One Ahead Outdone

On the first piece of paper I pretend to write down with a ball point pen the name of a holiday resort, but in fact I leave the paper blank and fold it up before dropping it into a large Brandy glass on the table.

I then ask the first spectator to tell me the name of the Holiday resort, which they have merely been thinking of and this is written on a large pad for reference later!

Onto the second piece of paper I write the name of this Holiday resort, fold it into quarters and then drop it into the Brandy glass also.

I then ask the second spectator to tell me the name of the Casino they went to that night which they had merely been thinking of and again a note of this is made on the large pad for later.

Onto the third and final square of paper I would write down the name of the Casino just given by the spectator, then fold it into quarters like the others and drop it into the wineglass.

I then Ask the Third and final spectator to tell me the name of the playing card they were dealt last during their losing game of Five Card Stud Poker in the Casino and a note of this is made on the pad.

At this point your ink thumb writer which is available from most all good American Magic supply companies is used to write the name of the card this spectator said onto another slip of paper which is on the top of the small square pad in your hand.

This is done whilst the audience is watching spectator three carry out your next instruction which is to choose a deck of cards and remove them from their wrapping and box.

You explain that as it was five-card stud they lost at they must have already had four cards in their hand before they drew the losing card.

They are asked to cut the cards as many times as they want to mix them up and then to remove the top four cards from the deck and hold them closely against their chest, before handing the remainder of the deck to you.

This gives you ample cover to fold the thumb written square of paper up just as the others were and to get it into a comfortable palm position in your hand.

As you take the remainder of the deck from them you just casually glimpse the bottom (face) card of the deck and then you know which the next four cards in the stack will be, namely the four cards held against the volunteer's chest.

The deck, pad and pen are now in your pocket or case and as the saying goes OUT OF SIGHT IS OUT OF MIND!

You recap on the free choices made by the spectators who MERELY thought of things and then apparently reach into the large Brandy glass to pick out a slip before changing your mind and allowing the spectator to do so instead.

In actual fact in this innocent looking moment you switch the slip in your hand for the blank slip in the Brandy glass which is easy to do as the square of paper used for the blank slip has some markings on it for easy location and sighting by you as required.

Done correctly it will just look like (and will certainly be by the audience remembered as) you just reaching towards the glass and quickly changing your mind as you say:

"Actually so I don't get accused of cheating I'd better let you wonderful volunteers remove my predictions from the glass!"

This is reverse Psychology as they will never believe you would have just done something dodgy and then draw attention to the possibility of this by making a comment such as this.

Needless to say now the switch has been made all three of your Brandy Glass predictions will match 100% CORRECTLY with the things merely thought of by the volunteers and noted upon the sketch pad for future reference.

When the applause dies down (which by now has left a suitable time gap for the audience to forget what has actually happened) you turn to the third volunteer and say:

"Whoops I almost forgot, I managed to predict the final card of your losing Five card stud hand but what about the other four cards?"

"I never touched the cards (this we know is a little lie but as it was after he'd picked his four cards the audience will have forgotten this!) And you had a free selection from the deck didn't you?" (S/he will answer YES)

"You immediately placed the cards freely chosen by yourself from the freely chosen deck against your chest and haven't even looked at them yourself yet have you?""

"So in other-words no-one in this building tonight including both you or me could possibly know what those four other cards which made up your Five card Stud hand are could they?"

You then are able to AMAZINGLY reveal the identity (number or letter) and suit of each card held in his hand against his chest bringing this impressive routine to a close.

If you are going to do the routine in this way ensure that when the decks are set up pre show that the Jokers are inserted after a sequence of 13 cards in order that the stack is not affected.

This means that is you glimpse the face card and it's a Joker you need to just glimpse the card behind it to learn what that card is and then you know what the next four cards in sequence are.

If the face card glimpsed is not a Joker and leaves at least 4 more cards in that run of the sequence you have your answer.

If the face card is not a joker but leaves less than 4 cards in that run of sequence you know what the next three cards in the sequence would be and must state that the fourth card held in their hand will be the Joker.

This is because the Jokers were not removed and the reason for this was so that things looked different in procedure than last time one of the decks from the carrier bag was used for a routine.

Please re-read the routines explained in this manual many times not just to learn them for use in your shows but also just as if not more importantly BECAUSE the routines as I present them contains lots of Psychology and ploys which you can adapt for use in routines of your own.

Another thought is to gimmick the plastic carrier bag so that it becomes a two-way forcing bag! This is a simple DIY job, which requires two identical store carrier bags and some double-sided tape.

One bag is placed inside the other and then using the double-sided tape one exterior side (outside) of the inner carrier bag is stuck to one interior (inside) of the outer carrier bag.

Your force carrier bag is now made and once again due to the psychological ploy that the Theatre Manager purchased the contents of the bag for you it will NEVER be suspected.

The item to be forced, for example a postcard from an exotic holiday destination would be in one section of the bag right from the start of the performance.

Then when it came to the relevant routine you could show a dozen different postcards from very different holiday resorts and drop them into the plastic carrier bag, before shaking the bag to apparently mix up the cards!

The spectator then seems to have a free choice of postcard, but instead is allowed only to place their hand into the section of the bag where the dozen duplicate FORCE postcards have been hidden from the start of the show!

I'm sure you will think of many ways to use this idea, I like it lots because nobody ever suspects that a famous high street stores carrier bag would be in any way gimmicked!

Incidentally as will be discussed in later sections of this book the plastic bag could contain other items such as magazines, newspapers and drawing pads, all of which could be gimmicked as necessary.

Once again the psychological ploy of the theatre manager or other perceptively trustworthy person having apparently been the one to purchase the bag and its contents will add a powerful and often devastating edge to many of your effects!

Obviously the bag should only contain items which it is commonly known are available from the store which has its name upon the carrier bag!

Healing Spiritual Techniques

Healing Spiritual Techniques

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