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Dispensing spiritual advice by way of a regular newspaper or magazine column is the easiest form of "Psychic" work there is by far!

All the people mentioned in the column and to whom you are apparently giving Psychic advice would have written to you via the publication telling you exactly what their problem is and asking for your help.

You therefore already know what the problem is and merely need to give a common-sense logical sounding answer with an element of reassurance to the person who sent their question.

With a little initiative you can mention details which the person has revealed to you in their letter as part of your reply to them in such a manner that anyone else reading the article will think you have revealed this information thanks to your Psychic Powers.

OK I know the person who sent the letter will not be fooled by this, but the MAJORITY of people will be! Also don't forget that the person who wrote in will be more interested in hearing your common-sense advice.

Don't forget to make lots of predictions for the future, as these at the time cannot be proved one way or the other and will sound due to the detailed information you give to be precise psychic insights into that persons life.

For columns like this you usually call yourself a Psychic Agony


Become A More Spiritual Person Today

Become A More Spiritual Person Today

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