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Next we shall turn our attention to Navel Healing or as it is also called Belly Button Psychic Healing.

Again this is based on The Native American Indians beliefs and religion of Shamanism, along with the seven energy points in our body called Chakras.

Once again the Base Chakra which is in line with the Human Navel is used, except this time it is used for the purposes of powerful Spiritual Healing.

To help heal someone's complaints once they have first been to see a conventional Doctor (as we neither diagnose nor prescribe) we use a small pointed Quartz Crystal, which is placed into their Belly Button in order to promote natural healing!

One end of the Quartz Crystal is placed into their Navel and the other end held by the fingertips of your left hand and then your positive psychic healing energy is directed through your body, into the crystal and then into the Base Chakra energy point in order to promote rapid healing.

The reason this works so successfully is akin to the beliefs of many other complementary medicines such as Acupuncture, within which the Chinese practitioners believe that all illnesses, diseases and mind/body defects are caused by energy imbalances within the person's body.

Therefore logic states that if we feed positive healing energy into the patients most powerful psychic energy point (The Base

Chakra) that this will help correct those imbalances and as such lead to successful recovery in rapid time!

The use of the pointed Quartz crystal as a way to get some of your positive healing energy into the patient is for two reasons.

Firstly the Quartz Crystal itself is used extensively in other forms of New Age Medicine such as Crystal Healing and indeed it is openly known by the majority of the public how powerful Quartz Crystal's actually are and the power they do in reality contain. This is a genuine tangible power which they contain and is the reason why small pieces of Quartz Crystal are placed into the mechanics of most all watches, as it is proven that the 100% NATURAL ENERGY within them helps the watch run better.

Also in much the same way THE NATURAL ENERGY of the Quartz Crystal helps the Human Body to run better, hence many people wear jewellery containing Quartz Crystal as a preventative health measure.

Here in Navel-Reading the Quartz crystal is used to help accelerate THE NATURAL HEALING process!

The reason why one end is stuck into the patients Navel whilst you hold the other end with the fingertips of your left hand is twofold.

Firstly The Crystal helps to amplify the power and intensity of the healing energy which is sent from our body into the patients and Secondly by holding the Crystal with the left hand things are amplified even more as it is the left side of the brain which deals with all things Spiritual and Psychic.

Once the Crystal is in position in the patients Navel you have them close their eyes and imagine a feeling of warmth starting to enter their body which is symbolised by the colour orange in their minds eye.

You explain that just so long as they concentrate on this feeling of warmth and keep seeing the colour Orange brightly in their minds eye that healing will prove successful for them.

(This also puts the blame onto them if successful results do not occur as planned - you just blame it on their lack of concentration)

The Logic of getting them to focus on a warm feeling is quite simply that people do naturally feel better within themselves when they are warm.

And the reason you get them to see the colour Orange brightly in their minds eye is both because seeing it brightly is as proven in NLP a positive thing and positive thoughts lead to positive results, but also is because the colour Orange is a powerful combination of the colours Red & Yellow mixed together and as such is the most powerful colour of the spectrum.

Then you the Healer concentrate on a blue beam of light energy flowing from all the seven energy points (Chakras) in your body, down through your left arm/hand and into the Crystal before finally entering the patients body via their Base Chakra energy point.

You concentrate on Blue energy/light as this is the curative healing energy - Just think of The Blue Cross emergency service for animals and you'll remember this easily.

Results will often be instantaneous, although they are always told this IS NOT an alternative to conventional medicine and rather is COMPLEMENTARY medicine, which just helps to dramatically speed up the healing process.

(This statement covers you both legally and morally and ensures that they seek conventional medical treatment and/or continue with any prescribed medication until a conventional Doctor says otherwise)

However results will often be dramatic and instant or within a very short space of time (which can still be used for follow up media coverage by keeping a mailing list of all participants in your show that receive Navel Healing).

The reason success so often occurs so rapidly is because of the proven fact that 90% of all reported illness is psychosomatic (all in their mind with no physical cause) and it is probable that 100% of unreported illness is also psychosomatic.

In these cases of Psycho-Somatic illness, as the illness is being caused by the patients mind - so the cure lies in their mind also, hence it is true to say that if they believe this will work for them THEN IT WILL.

Those that believe will naturally set their mind to a different way of thinking and so the end result can be one of an often apparently miraculous Cure.

Combine this with the PLACEBO EFFECT, which again all comes down to the patient BELIEVING that the treatment will work and you can now see why Psychic Belly Button Healing can be so successful.

This success combined with the perceptively bizarre method of treatment is what will attract all the TV/Radio, Newspaper and Magazine interest as it has done extensively for me in the past.

To understand both how Navel-Gazing & Navel-Healing can be and are so successful may I strongly urge you to buy or rent the excellent film "Leap of Faith" starring Steve Martin as this film is almost a course in itself of how Psychic Readings and Healing are achieved with successful results and as Steve Martins Character says in the film:

"To answer your question of if I'm genuine or fake I say this, what's it matter how I do things - Just so long as the job gets done!"

This is a sentiment I agree with entirely and just so long as you get a signed declaration from any patients you treat with Navel Healing which states:

01) They agree (if they haven't already) to get a conventional Medical Doctors diagnosis and prescription as soon as possible.

02) They agree to continue seeing their conventional Medical Doctor and/or continue taking any medication which they may have been prescribed.

03) They agree to allow you to touch their Belly Button for the purposes of Healing. (This covers you from any potential assault charges!)

You are then covered both legally and morally as you will never be placing a patient into any danger and instead have their best interests at heart always.

This signed disclaimer also asks for their contact details and acts as your mailing list for people to contact for inclusion in future media features on Navel-Healing.

Their recovery will most times prove to be considerably faster after Navel Healing than if they had just had conventional treatment alone and again this is because of their BELIEF that it will help them which in itself can REVERSE many problems which were Psycho-Somatic (Psychologically induced).

One of the Key phrases I use is "Those of you with health problems who volunteer tonight will only receive truly successful healing IF YOU WANT IT TO WORK (in other-words if you believe) and if you use your powers of Intelligence, imagination and Concentration effectively!"

This Psychologically ensures that only those who BELIEVE that rapid healing will result will volunteer and indeed as such these in my experience usually tend to be the ones for whom it will work.

This Phrase also covers you for failure as if instant healing does not occur, which often cannot be proved one way or the other until the patient revisits their doctor, then the way it is phrased puts the blame for failure onto the patient.

You see the audience will just see it as failure on the patient's part for not using their powers of intelligence, imagination and concentration effectively as they were told to do!

It is in effect A FORM OF HYPNOSIS, except with Navel healing the patient HYPNOTISES THEMSELVES due to their own belief system telling them that this form of treatment will work for them!


Well that basically is all there is to Navel-Healing as the rest is just down to presentation on your part. Present Navel-Healing with NO DOUBTS in your mind that it will work and then this positive attitude will be sensed by your volunteers.

When your volunteers sense this confident attitude within you that Navel-Healing will be beneficial to them then they will start to be even more positive about it working and so the magic of Positive Thinking comes into play.

And need I remind you of the countless books published and medical studies done on Positive thinking which have proved beyond doubt that positive thinking can often lead to CURES in and of itself.

So with the combination of Positive Thinking, Self-Belief of the patient, The placebo Effect, Self-Hypnosis and Psychic Mumbo Jumbo all combined into one treatment method, Navel-Healing is very powerful indeed.

Usually Navel-Healing would be done with the person there in person next to you, however for TV/Radio phone ins and media articles (or mail order sales) this can be got around by using a good clear photograph of the persons Navel.

The theory as to why this will still work regards the photo is the same as with Navel-Reading, however here you also speak to them in person over the phone and step by step explain what you are doing at your end.

It is also explained to the patient what they must do at their end as you concentrate the healing energy through the crystal into the photo of their Navel and due to some of the energy of their Base Chakra being caught in the Photo, then into their body for the same healing results.

This is known as "distance healing" and just so long as the patient believes it will work, then it will prove to be just as successful as if the person was next to you in person.

I will now explain a few visual demonstrations which can be used on TV and Live stage shows to demonstrate instantly how successful the technique of Navel-Healing is, and may I point out that if these demonstrations are carried out BEFORE any actual personal one to one healing is done then results will be INCREASED!

The reason quite simply being that once the patients to be have seen these visual demonstrations of how Navel-Healing works, then their BELIEF & FAITH in it working for them will be total.

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