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Well Fellow entertainer as you've probably guessed already the main secret of Navel-Gazing is Cold-Reading!

However a few things are very much in your favour with Navel-Gazing which are not with other forms of Psychic Readings and these are as follows:

01) Navel-Gazing is used by me only Live on TV/Radio shows and on Stage or for use in Newspaper, Magazine or Internet articles about my talents. Therefore never do you need to talk more than five minutes maximum to any one individual and usually less than that is sufficient.

02) In otherwords you use Navel-Gazing to easily obtain FREE PUBLICITY for your more conventional Psychic talents and needless to say the clients these articles attract are then given only a brief Navel-Reading before going onto a more normal Tarot or Palmistry session.

03) In the case of all Navel-Readings done I always casually find out what that persons Star Sign is and then its quite easy with a basic knowledge of Astrology to waffle on convincingly and with often quite accurate results for a few minutes.

04) On most all occasions you are asked onto TV/Radio shows you will end up reading the Navels of Famous Celebrities and these are the easiest readings you'll ever have to do. Firstly you will either already have a lot of knowledge about that Celebrity or a few quick phonecalls to friends before going on air will reveal a lot of background information of much use. Most Celebrities have very similar lifes and so once again a little observation of the news and gossip columns will stand you in good stead. And also best of all is the fact that I've found that on TV/Radio shows Celebrities very rarely disagree with anything you say thus making you sound correct as they know the name of the game is entertainment and they too have learned to play this game properly.

05) When reading a complete strangers Navel for TV/Radio shows you will often be sent to the "Green Room" (Hospitality) area together before going on air. In fact you can demand that this happens by saying that it takes a good five minutes of silent meditation to tune into the subjects "Base Chakra" energy point, they will then ensure you have time to do this before going on air so as not to bore viewers. This of course is bullshit and the truth is you have now got at least five minutes to have a casual chat with the volunteers and find things out about them which of course are then fed back to them in different words than those used by them once on air. This combined with knowing their star sign should give more than enough patter to fill the airtime.

06) Make much of your patter about Predictions for the FUTURE, as these cannot be disproved at the time of the reading. Whereas you give very sketchy details of past events you can see via their navels - here for future predictions be very detailed, very precise and very enthusiastic about what you are saying - also use a little common sense. By this I mean that although future events cannot be proved or disproved until a later time, with a little common-sense you can get well over 50% of your future predictions correct as most people experience similar things in their life at one time or another.

07) Once again Celebrities are by far the easiest to do readings for whether they are with you in person for TV/Radio shows or indeed even if it is from photos for use in a Newspaper of Magazine article. Not only do most celebrities have very similar lifestyles but also some things can be predicted with almost 100% confidence for celebrities and to illustrate how common-sense is used I will give a few examples of how I have very successfully predicted things in the past - which needless to say once they have become reality I have then made all the Media aware of my predictions which were documented in print or over the airwaves some months earlier now having come true, whereas any errors are conveniently forgot!

#I predicted in "The Daily Star" of January 1997 that Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) would be the first to leave the Spice Girls. I did this because Observation and Common-sense told me that she seemed to be the one who always did the most talking at press conferences and I felt that amongst a group of then Five young girls this would not be tolerated for long by them and indeed when sparks did start flying I felt Geri would not hang around long - AND I WAS 100% CORRECT.

#I predicted in this same Daily Star article of January 1997 that when Geri left she would be the first to pursue her own solo career and that success would elude her until she became Britain's answer to Madonna. I said this because working on the premise she'd be first to leave The Spice Girls, I figured she would still want to go on performing hence the solo career prediction. I Knew the press would give her a hard time and that Spice Girls fans would not be happy she had left - this combined with fact it was public knowledge Geri had once been a glamour model led me to make the success will elude her until she becomes Britain's answer to Madonna prediction! Here again I was 100% correct because it was not until the MI Chico Latino video in which she was scantily clad that she got a Solo UK Number One.

#I predicted in that same Daily Star article of January 1997 that Victoria Adams (Posh Spice) would end up involved with a footballer and that she'd have a baby boy. Well I worked on the premise that Celeb's tend to date other Celeb's and that being a very young women at the time she would like other young women I know fancy a Sportsman or two! Logic went further and told me she'd have more chance being a Celeb of meeting the person she fancied and hence the prediction was made. Babies wise I figured she like other young women would get pregnant quite early on and as for saying a boy that was a 5050% chance. However luck was on my side AND ALL THESE THINGS BECAME 100% TRUE!

#I once predicted that Comedian Lee Evans would become a famous Comedy Actor which indeed he has in films such as "Mouse - Hunt" and "There's Something About Mary!" I made this prediction because quite simply thoughout the history of TV and Cinema some of the best Comedians have turned their hand to acting with great success and as this seems to be a tradition in showbiz I figured the law of averages was on my side which indeed they were and it became 100% CORRECT!

#To clear up the IRA Bombing of London prediction allow me to say this was a sheer fluke - but like any coincidence which can be used to your advantage you should milk it whilst you can like I did to get maximum TV/Radio and Media Coverage - as the more you become a household name, the more your services will become in demand and ultimately the more you will be able to get for your services. The truth is the girl group "Intrigue" had rung me the afternoon before the press conference and said they would'nt be able to make it because of other commitments.

I sat down and decided that rather than losing face with The Essex Evening Standard I'd wait until their offices had shut that evening and then leave a strange message on their answerphone explaining that I would not be there tomorrow as planned. This I did saying something along the lines of my absence would be because I predicted that travel through London would be almost impossible tomorrow. Then coincidence of coincidences I turned the news on the next morning and London had come to a stand still due to IRA Bombing threats and needless to say the moment the Essex Newspapers team got to work and heard the message from me which their answerphone had timed and dated as being left the previous evening they took my words as a prediction of this Bomb and so a huge article validating my predictions was run in the paper. This taught me to always be very ambiguous when leaving answer messages for the media -as if they have many possible meanings as indeed mine did they can be manipulated to help your cause in many situations!

Hopefully these few explanations of past successful predictions made by myself in the British Media will have helped make it clearer to you what I mean about how easy it is to make good accurate predictions for celebrity clients.

Don't forget also that before appearing on TV/Radio shows or Live Shows with guest Celebrities or indeed before meeting these people for other Media interviews you would have been told who your subjects were going to be.

It is then a simple job to get onto the internet and visit some of that Celebrities fan club sites which quite often contain lots of little known information about the person, their past, their present and their future plans!

On many occasions I've acquired information on Celebrities which I am to meet the following day from Internet gossip sites and fan sites and then have fed this information to them by way of my Belly Button reading predictions.

More often than not the detailed nature of what I have then been revealing has stunned the celebrities in question and on one memorable occasion I told a famous female American pop star what the name of her next album would be (I'd seen lots of rumours on fan/gossip sites) and she was so amazed that she admitted that although it was not public knowledge (she must not have seen the websites) that she would admit this was correct. So don't underestimate the power of the Internet for obtaining information on clients for use in your Psychic Readings!

b) Magazines & Newspapers will occasionally require you to do readings from good clear photographs of the celebrities Navels. And here's your chance to really look good in the media as I did with National Newspapers such as "The Sunday People." Find out what fee they are prepared to pay you for doing the readings and whatever the amount say your fee is usually much dearer! However as you like their newspaper or magazine you will do it for this price if they meet you half way. You then basically get them to send you the photos of the Celeb's for each of which you write a short few lines prediction and then these are returned to them on condition that when the article appears they print you predictions within an article that says "We the Sunday People sent Navel Psychic Jonathan Royle some decapitated photographs of Celebrities!" Then it should clearly state "Despite not knowing who the celebrities were as we'd cut their heads off the photo's he made these stunningly accurate revelations and predictions!" Yes this may sound cheeky but sooner than lose an excellent feature story you can often get reporters to bend over backwards to help you and needless to say a story which appears like this leads to even more TV/Radio work and lucrative clients.

09) For those who decide to become Navel Gazer's it would be wise to keep a scrapbook of any Celebrity photographs you see appear in Newspapers or Magazines where the persons Navel is actually visible. The logic here being you can then really do a test conditions reading instead of faking it as detailed in point 8 above. You see Newspapers and Magazines when asking me to do articles for them have I've noticed always asked me to read the Navels of Celebrities whom are currently "Hot News!" Also as Celebrities very rarely appear in photographs where their Navels are visible, if you keep copies of those which appear showing Navels and build up your scrapbook - success will be yours! You can then get the publications to Genuinely send you decapitated photo's - but as there will only be so many Photo's for them to choose from and they all tend to use the same Photo Libraries the odds are that by comparing the headless photos with those in your scrapbooks that a match will be found as you recognise the clothing matches! Then having discovered whom the Celebrity is an accurate reading is easy to do and both readers and publication alike will be amazed as you have done it under apparently impossible test conditions!

10) Remember to say very little - but appear to say a lot. This is easy to do by using lots of long and detailed words, phrases and descriptions to describe something, which is actually very simple, and either applies to everybody or to most people at some time in their lifes.

For example I use phrases like "You've lost a little bit of your sparkle recently haven't you love?" If she says Yes I would continue "Yes I know you have, you've been feeling down haven't you?" - well here she's bound to say Yes as your only saying the same thing in a different way again!

Then Continue "Yes you've been worrying a lot - then worrying about worrying it's become a viscous circle but its about to end and life will be like a bed of roses again in the very near future - you will keep positive won't you love?" - again she'll say Yes so you sound to be getting things 100% Correct!

But look at what I said again and you'll see one of my favourite Cold reading techniques in action which is to say something which is detailed but then end it with a positive closed question which can only really be answered YES by the subject as to answer YES is in their own interest!

Answering yes to this closed question has nothing to do with whether the predictions and information contained within the rest of that sentence were correct or not - however the audience watching or listening will perceive the subjects answers of YES as validation that your statements and predictions are correct!

Obviously if she answered No to the very first question you'd shoot off in the opposite direction and say something like "Well I know you don't feel like you've lost any of your sparkle but others have noticed your working too hard - you will take a little more time for yourself from now on won't you love?"

Here once again the closed question technique is used and once again it's in her interest to answer Yes - don't underestimate this cold reading technique its very useful indeed.

11) Furthermore, the more often you can get your subjects to say YES to you - the far less likely they are to either say you are wrong or indeed to even let the thought that you may be or are wrong enter their head - it is in effect mild brainwashing.

I always start readings by making it quite clear that "Whenever I ask you a question I want you to answer Loud and clear!" (Pause) "Just say YES nice and loud! - OK?"

This is perceived by them and the audience as telling them to answer clearly to questions - but at a subconscious level in their mind prompts them to answer YES to everything.

This may sound like fairytale stuff - but I've been using techniques like this for the past 11 Years since I started doing

Stage Clairvoyance shows like Doris Stokes and other famous mediums in 1990 aged 15 years old and these methods have always worked for me!

12) Next we'll discuss the use of Closed questions just a little bit more before explaining how I use the power of Open Ended Statements and Questions for Cold Reading Success.

Closed Questions are those which can easily be answered by just saying Yes or No, and as in the aforementioned examples these can be phrased so that it is in the interest of the subject to answer Yes.

To repeat what I've already said only moments ago, for which I make no apologies as this is one of the strongest ploys you can have as a Professional cold reader - closed questions can be used to make your readings seem super accurate.

This technique is especially useful to Psychics doing Live demonstrations on TV & Radio shows and also to Stage Clairvoyants who perform before a large audience.

To re-iterate what I've said already, deliver a long list of detailed sounding (yet quite general) predictions and apparently factual pieces of information to the subject and then end your rather long winded sentence with a closed question to which it is in their interest to answer Yes.

Then as everyone hears them reply YES, they perceive this as being the subject validating all the things you have said as correct when in truth they are merely answering the question which you ended your statement with.

Another example of a closed question being used in this way is as follows "With my finger in your navel I'm being shown a picture of a Valley made up of lots of hills and this is symbolic of your life to date!"

"The hills are in various sizes and I believe this is showing me the ups and downs you've had throughout your life - You're a survivor aren't you?" (Its in their interests to say Yes as its good for their ego/pride to do so)

"Now I'm being shown a picture of a brick wall and I feel this is symbolic of the wall you put around you in new encounters with people - You've been hurt in the past when you've least expected it haven't you?" (This will be answered Yes as we all have been at one time or another - yet it sounds to all listening like this is a truly detailed revelation you're making!)

"Now I'm being shown you caught between the devil and the deep blue sea so to speak - I'm being shown an image of you stuck between two people"

"Now both these people are friends, they may be in a relationship together, but what is clear to me is that you have become piggy in the middle to them because you don't want to upset anyone. Would I be right in saying you don't like upsetting people especially your friends?" (who is going to say anything else other than Yes you are right?)

"Yes I can see it clearly, there are two people around you, it may be family but I'm more inclined to say its on a friendship level. And both of these two people have been asking for your advice - yes that's it you don't want to take sides with either of them as you value the friendship of them both. You do value your close friendships don't you?" (Again Yes will be the answer)

"I can see good things for you in the future, I'm being shown prosperous times ahead for you. In fact I'd go so far too say that your going to come into some money soon. Those things you have been dreaming of aren't so far away now you'll be getting them sooner than you think - You've had your mind set on something very special to you for several years haven't you? (we all have dreams/ambitions so the answer will be Yes)

I could go on for pages and pages, in fact for days and days with examples of how closed questions can be used at the end of statements of apparent fact and can be phrased so as to guarantee a positive Yes response but I would hope that the examples I have given will set you on the right track and get you devising ones of your own.

13) Next lets turn our attention to the use of Open ended statements and questions and how these can be used by the Psychic to obtain far more information from the client about their life and problems than even they realise they are giving you!

Then later on in the reading this information which they have freely given you without even realising how much they have said can be fed back to them in a different context and/or phrased differently and will be accepted by them as amazing insights from you into their life/problems!

Quite simply an Open ended Statement is a statement, which could mean almost anything and cannot really ever be pinned down as meaning just one thing - hence its meaning is OPEN!

And Open ended questions are quite simply questions which are phrased in such a manner that they cannot be answered by just a Yes or No response and will instead provoke the subject to give you a detailed answer and therefore far more information than you actually really asked for or they realise giving you.

An example of an open ended statement would be: "I feel that at times you get very stressed and yet in other situations you are a very calm, relaxed and peaceful person."

This is neither right nor wrong for anybody! It will always be seen as being right as both possible scenarios and options are contained within the same statement of apparent fact!

Therefore the fact the statement cannot be seen as either right or wrong makes it OPEN and so it will fit everyone in some way at some time and so people will always respond as though it is CORRECT!

In other words Open statements are ones where you tell the subject they are one thing and then tell them they are at times the direct opposite as well!

Or you tell them they feel an emotion in certain situations and then tell them the direct opposite of this situation/emotion within the same statement.

I hope you get the hang of it as Open statements are a very easy way of devising Cold Reading patter which will fit every person on this planet or as it is known in the Cold reading trade "Boiler-Plate".

Open ended questions are those which cannot be answered with just a Yes or a No such as these few examples which follow:

"Why do I keep being shown images of a property matter in my minds eye?"

(They cannot possibly answer with just a simple Yes or No to a question such as this and instead will have to give a more detailed answer. If they are involved with some kind of property matter then they will tell you exactly what it is and later on in the reading you can feed this information back to them in a different context - perhaps with reassuring words that all things regarding this matter will prove successful! However if they state that they have no knowledge of a property matter you would very easily steer off on another course as follows)

"To be honest it doesn't surprise me that as yet you are not aware of this property matter (this implies there will be one soon) however I can see this image so clearly that I can very confidently predict that within the next six months period property matters will become an important focus in your life. I'm being told to warn you to consider all the options when this occurs and not rush in like a bull in a China shop! You will be careful when this happens won't you?"

Well that's one example of how to phrase an open ended question which as with all open ended questions will make one of two things happen, either:

A) They will have something going on in their life which relates to the subject matter to which you are asking the question (asking for more information) and this they will then freely explain to you in great detail as they feel you are already aware of it - or why else would you have asked the question? Then later in this same reading this information is fed back to them in different words.

B) Or they will have no knowledge of such matters raised - but will instead usually make you aware of other matters in their life of concern to them as part of their answer and this itself gives you information which you can return to later in the reading. You then turn this into a prediction for the future and as such either way it will only ever seem like an accurate statement/prediction on your part!

14) Also don't forget the physical traits of the Human Navel which are detailed earlier in this manual, as I genuinely have found for some uncanny reason that these things do seem to have applied to 99.9% of all the people I've done Navel Readings for to date. And on the very rare occasion that you get something wrong it is easily covered up by saying that in this persons case that physical element must be there to serve as a reminder of areas of their ego/personality/attitude that they would benefit from working on in the future.

15) The way that people react to being asked to show their Belly Button to everyone and also the way in which they react when you stick your finger into their navel speaks volumes about their personality. After all don't forget how close to intimate sexual areas of the body our Navels are, and the fact that for many people they are Erogenous Zones (sexual turn on points)! Is it any surprise then that some people are very shy about showing their Navels in much the same way, as they may be sexually very straight-laced? And in much the same way those eager to show their navels are often outrageous flirts with broad-minded interests and opinions on all things sexual. Common Sense will work wonders here, just bear in mind what I've said and you'll see exactly what I mean when you put it into practice.

16) Another ploy to make the reading more accurate is to half way through your predictions and comments ask the subject if they have any specific questions they would like you to try and answer? Just say to them "Well I'm seeing so much in your Navel and we have so little time together today so to speed things up for you, are there any specific questions or areas of your life you'd like me to look into?" This makes it sound innocent enough, you don't seem like your probing for help and needless to say their answers give you all the information you need to carry on the reading in a very specific and accurate manner.

17) Two last points on Navel Cold Reading and these are that a) whether you are a believer in genuine intuition and Psychic powers or not - please do trust your intuition. The method of seeing a blank TV screen in your mind and allowing images to pop onto it as mentioned earlier in this manual is not only a good piece of explanatory patter - BUT IT ALSO WORKS! OK so you might think I'm bonkers, but if I had a pound for every time I've been on TV and suddenly said the first thing that came into my head of a very detailed and specific nature with 100% CORRECT & SUCCESSFUL RESULTS - then I'd be rich!!!

b) Secondly don't forget that other options are also open to you in order to make a really good impression on very important TV shows such as the use of a Mentalists Impression Clipboard before the show goes on air! You could get the people who are to have their Navels read to write down on a slip of paper three things: 1) The most important memory they have from their past. 2) The most important thing going on in their life at present. 3) Their biggest dream/ambition for the future.

They are told this is being done, as it will help make things clearer in THEIR MINDS and EASIER FOR THEM when you get on air! In other-words it is portrayed that you've had them do this FOR THEIR BENEFIT!

You then tell them to fold up the slips which you make clear you have not seen (you can see what the clipboard says later!) and to hide them in one of their pockets as you WILL NOT be using these on air - no they have just been written out by the subjects to get things CLEAR IN THEIR MINDS.

The subjects will not think anything strange of this especially as you will make the main part of their readings up from Cold Reading methods, but along the way for each subject you can reveal thanks to the clipboard one very definite and very detailed item about their Past, Present & Future.

You end up looking amazing, the viewers or live show audience are never any the wiser about the use of the clipboard before the show, and best of all Belly Button Reading and your talents in the use of it look super accurate and so even more FREE TV/Radio, Newspaper & Magazine publicity can easily be obtained.

With reference to the use of a Mentalists clipboard to obtain information for your reading please refer to the psychology behind how I use one for Pawology in the next section of this manual!

The Questionnaire which you get them to fill in on the Mentalists clipboard could also contain the disclaimer for "Navel-Healing" which will be mentioned shortly whilst also asking for their contact details for use in further media features.

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