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Navel-Gazing which is the technical name for Psychic Belly Button Reading is a way of examining a human beings Navel in order to reveal their Past, Present and Future!!

Navel-Gazing is based on beliefs and experiences, which are hundreds of years old, including those of The Native American Indians.

The Native American Indians have a Religion called Shamanism and amongst their many beliefs is the fact that we all have Seven main Psychic Energy Points in our body called "Chakras".

The Chakra most commonly used by Psychic Readers and most often talked about by the public is the Chakra located in the centre of our foreheads which is often referred to by many as "The Psychic Third Eye!"

However my studies showed me that there is a Chakra almost perfectly in line with the Human Navel, and this Chakra which is called "The Base Chakra" is the Chakra (Psychic Energy Point) used by me for Belly Button Reading.

Interestingly enough it is also the Base Chakra, which is almost in line with the Navel that is spoke about in The Karma Sutra and in many publications on Tantric Sex.

Apparently if both the male and female imagine the energy from their Base Chakras being transmitted from their Navels and joining together with the energy stream being sent out of their partners Navel, then the sexual experience will be out of this World as will any Orgasms achieved.

As my studies revealed, most all forms of Psychic Divination have the reader tap into some form of Psychic Energy Source in order to gain their inspiration and information for the readings and indeed much the same thing is done in Navel Gazing.

I decided that whilst you could tap into the other Chakras and Energy points within the Human Body I would use the Base Chakra located almost perfectly in line with the Navel as this is the point to which you can get closest by physically sticking your finger into the Volunteers Navel.

When in a relaxed state I discovered that the moment I placed my finger into a persons navel that it was rather like sticking a plug into its socket and energy would flow from the Chakra through the Navel and then up through my finger and into my body.

At this point images would appear rapidly on the Blank TV Screen which I had been imagining in my minds eye and it is these images and the meaning of them that I would then relate to the Volunteer with often stunning accuracy.

These Images would enable me to tell the Volunteer about Past, Present and Future Events in their life and then as a further convincer that this was a serious method of divination I would reveal their TRUE Personality to them and the audience.

In other words the person they really are inside and not the person they pretend to be and this makes for dramatic viewing.

I would reveal their True Personality thanks to the Unique and Individual Physical appearance and traits of each human beings Belly Button.

These Traits I have discovered through many years trial and error can be read rather like the lines and markings on the hand are read during Palmistry.

Indeed in much the same manner as the Human hand the Navel has dents, lines, bumps and other characteristics all of its own.

For example I have found that in general:

01) The more a Persons Navel sticks outwards, the more extroverted and confident they tend to be.

02) The more a Persons Navel sticks inwardly, the more introverted and shy they tend to be.

03) People with Navels that neither seem to stick outwards or inwards and instead seem to be level with their chest tend to have Split Personalities and are very unpredictable and often emotionally unbalanced indeed.

04) People with a Horizontal line/dent across their Navel tend to be very down to earth, they call a spade a spade and are very realistic and relaxed about life.

05) People with a Vertical line/dent across their Navel tend to be very headstrong (as line points to their head). They can be very stubborn indeed, they have one hell of a temper and when they lose it boy do people know about it. Once their minds are made up they won't listen to reason even if it means shooting themselves in the foot in the long-term.

06) People with lots of dots/dents in their Navel tend to be very stressed/worried individuals who then worry about the fact they are worrying. Also this could mean they are very analytical thinkers and spend far too much time analysing things before coming to a decision.

Many people have said to me in the past that these theories are all well and good and my results often amazing but then they say "Doesn't the Navel just end up the way it is because of the manner in which the Umbilical Cord was cut off at birth?"

Well say I to these doubting Thomas's, this may be correct but my belief is that everything that happens to us from the moment of our conception through to our birth and right back to the death of this physical body are all predestined and set out as a matter of Fate/Destiny.

Therefore Fate/Destiny orchestrated the action of your Umbilical Cord being removed in a certain manner in order that your Navel would fit you like a Fingerprint and like a good picture would speak a thousand words about you - and its these "words" which are observed in Psychic Belly Button Reading.

The creator's of Navel-Gazing were two British Psychic's called David Williams & Alex Alexander (both being past stage names of mine - yes both people are me Jonathan Royle!) and Navel Gazing although developed in the late Eighties, first made its appearance in the UK National Media during 1996.

Since then Navel-Gazing has been featured in British National Newspapers such as: The Sun, The Star, The Mirror, The Sport, Sunday People and The Stage & Television Today amongst numerous others.

Of Navel Gazing past UK Media comments have included:

THE SUNDAY PEOPLE said in August 1996 that "It Proved to be Uncannily Accurate".

THE DAILY STAR said in January 1997 that "Navel Gazing has been used to make many successful predictions for top Celebrities!"

Navel-Gazing has also been featured in many glossy magazines such as Chat, Looks, Eva, Uri Gellers Encounters and The National Enquirer amongst others.

And that's not to mention the countless times Navel Gazing has been featured to date on British, Irish & German National TV shows, along with Major Radio shows World-wide including Comedy World Radio of USA, Radio on the Cello of Spain, BBC Radio Ulster (Ireland) and most all National Radio stations within the British Isles.

On British TV shows such as C4's "Big Breakfast", BBC One's "False or True", ITV's "Taxi", UK Livings "Live at Three", Granada Breezes "Psychic Livetime", Sky's "Zest Health & Beauty Show", Anglia TV's "The Warehouse", Ulster TV's "The Kelly Show" and BBC's "Body Parts" show amongst over

90 (yes over 90) other Feature TV slots about Navel Gazing on British & European Stations between August 1996 and January 2001.

Notable achievements of Navel-Gazing include when its creator David Williams was featured in The Daily Star during January 1997 and it is documented in print that by examining The Spice Girls Belly Buttons he predicted that Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) would be the first to leave the group to follow her own solo career and further predicted that her solo career would not be totally successful until she became Britain's answer to Madonna.

Well she did become the first to leave the group and she didn't get a UK Number one until she appeared very scantily clad in one of her videos rather like Madonna did in her earlier career!

Secondly this Daily Star article of January 1997 Predicted that Victoria Adams (Posh Spice) would become married to a footballer and have a baby boy. Well once again these two things have become fact with her marrying David Beckham the Manchester United Footballer and having a baby boy which she has named Brooklyn.

Also an Essex Evening Standard article of late 1996 detailed how Psychic Navel Gazer David Williams had cancelled a press conference in Essex with Girl Band "Intrigue" because having looked at photos of their Navels he had predicted the IRA's Bomb Threats to London which brought the City to a standstill on the day in question.

Celebrities who have in person (face to face with me on TV) received the Navel Reading Treatment include: The Spice Girls, Frank Bruno (British Boxer), Miss Ireland 1996, Cleo Rocus, Cynthia & Brittany (The Sweet Valley High USA Twins!), Sharon Davis (Olympic Swimmer), Rory Bremner (Top TV Impressionist), Craig Charles of Red Dwarf fame, Julia Carling,

Lowry Turner, Sean Meo, Bella Emburg (Blunder-Woman), Zoe Ball, Keith Chegwin, Lily Savage and numerous others.

Whilst Celebrities for whom I have been commissioned to read the Navels of for features in major media publications include: Madonna, Tom Jones, Cher, Claudia Schifer, Sean Connery, Jeremy Beadle, Prince Charles and numerous others.

For Television, Radio and Live Stage Performances the Navel is examined in person assuming the celebrity is there in person, and indeed for some Media articles you may get to meet the Celebrity in person for the purpose of doing the reading and more importantly from the publications point of view, to get photos of you peering into that persons Navel as it both makes a great story for them whilst also being great publicity for you!

For TV/Radio shows where the celebrities cannot be present and for many media articles it will be easier if you are given good clear close-up photographs of the persons Navel to do the reading from.

Now obviously these taken from Photos readings will not be quite as accurate as if the person were with you in person, but they are possible both by looking at the visual characteristics of the Navel through a magnifying glass and also because of another belief which is strongly held by Native American Indians and followers of the religion Shamanism.

This other belief states that each time your picture is painted or your photograph taken that part of your soul, life-force or Spiritual Energy (call it what you will) is taken from you also and enters the pictorial representation of yourself.

This means that a small tiny fraction of The Base Chakras Energy is within the photo and as such you can still tap into this for inspiration during the reading, which in this case is very akin to the Psychic art of Psychometry in which you hold peoples personal objects to reveal things about them - well how more personal can you get than a photograph of themselves?

It is very easy to get TV/Radio, Newspaper and Magazine coverage for your talents of Navel-Gazing, both because it sounds so unusual & bizarre and also because when looked at more closely by Journalists to whom you feed the story/facts which you have just read within these pages it then sounds most believable indeed!

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The Chakra Checklist

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