Mail Order Readings

When the dog is unable to be there in person with you such as in the instance of Television or Radio phone interviews or for some printed media interviews and of course for mail order sales of your dogs paw readings a different approach must be taken.

In all these cases you must ask for a good clear close-up photo of the underside of each of the dogs two front paws clearly marked as to which is which and a normal snapshot of the dog itself.

They should also send you a clear paw print (get them to press the dogs paw onto an inkpad and then onto a sheet of paper to make this) of both the dogs front paws again clearly marking which paw is which.

And they should supply you with the dogs date of birth (for Astrology purposes) and any specific questions they want answering or areas of the dogs life which they want you to look into.

The truth is that only the questions they ask and areas of the dogs life they mention along with its star sign will give you anything from which to glean information for your reading.

We must get them to send us the other stuff for two reasons though, firstly as it makes the whole thing seem more credible and believable to them and secondly because these paw prints and photos will become useful props for use in future media interviews and on stage!

Incidentally it is quite often the case that when newspapers and magazines ask you to read dogs paws for them and supply photo's of dogs for you that they will usually be celebrity doggies.

By this I mean the dog itself will either be a celebrity as in an animal actor from Films/TV or it will be a dog belonging to a celebrity as this makes the feature more "newsworthy" for their publication.

So just as I told you to build up a scrapbook of celebrity Navels I would advise you also build up a scrapbook of celebrity dogs for exactly the same reasons and for use in exactly the same way.

For mail order readings, media interviews and other occasions when you can find out the breed of the dogs you will be doing the Pawology for it is then useful to visit your local library or to look on the internet for information.

This is because once you know what breed you are dealing with you can find out loads of useful stuff such as what illnesses and health complaints that breed is most likely to suffer from, what their personalities are usually like and loads, loads more.

This information is freely available from books in your local library and/or on numerous Internet web sites about that dogs particular breed.

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