Hose Pipe Reading

HosePipe reading is used for psychic insights into people's relationships and affairs of the heart.

It is used both to predict when someone will meet the man or woman of their dreams and also to discover the long-term compatibility of existing partners.

A rubber hosepipe is used and basically is thrown into the air by the person wishing an answer to their relationship question.

When the Hose lands on the floor, we look at the patterns it makes and the distance between one end of the Hose to the other and it is this, which gives us information to tell the client.

The idea behind this being that one end of the Hosepipe is MALE (the end which water comes out of) and the other end is FEMALE (end which fits onto tap) hence the reason why a Hosepipe is so good for relationship/romantic issues.

Also it is Water that runs through a Hose pipe and as we human beings are made up of around 90% Water, the Hose pipe is yet again the ideal tool to use for psychic divination on romance matters.

When it lands on the floor after being thrown into the air by the client, you can refer to the distance between the MALE and FEMALE ends of the Hose as being the indicators of how long it will be before they meet their ideal partner.

Or this same point of reference could be used to reveal how long it will be before they will move their relationship with an existing partner onto the next step, maybe getting engaged or married.

The number of times the Hose overlaps itself in the middle when it lands on the floor could be referred to as the number of obstacles in their path to true love.

Use your initiative and this idea of Hosepipe reading for relationship issues will prove very popular for TV shows, especially around Valentines Day!

I have personally demonstrated Hose pipe reading on TV shows broadcast on Nickelodeon & RTL and I am aware that a fellow Psychic used with my permission the idea to get themselves onto Granada Tonight (ITV) and other TV shows around Valentines day 1998.

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