Hitting The Headlines

To ensure that a stunt such as this hits the headlines you need to both do everything you can to ensure the media show up at the correct time and also have a back up plan.

I would prepare a press release on my computer the night before the stunt is to take place and then on the day in question I would make sure I was up at 6am and do the following:

01) I would firstly send by e-mail a copy of the press release to the NEWS DEPARTMENTS, and THE FEATURES DEPT and THE EDITOR of all the National Daily & Sunday newspapers, the leading magazines and of course all the National Television and Radio news stations, along with the major "News & Features" agencies in the area. This email would have no contact details on it and would just make them curious when they read it. 02) At around 9-00am (by which time all offices will be manned) I would call each of the companies and tell them to check their e-mails if that hadn't already, but not to worry as details of the most important news event to happen today will be sent to them by fax within the next 30 minutes. 03) Then during the next 30 minutes I would send a paper copy of the same press release by fax to each of the three departments at each of the companies who were sent the email.

04) By now they will have received both an e-mail and fax telling them that the event will take place today and it should be no later than 10-30am. They will all be awaiting your final phonecall as the press release merely says what will happen and that it will happen on a major street in their city BUT NOT THE EXACT LOCATION. 05) Then at around 11-00am I would have a few female friends call them all up telling them the exact location, which just gives them time to get there, but leaves it last minute enough that they WANT to cover the story as their CURIOSITY, has been aroused.

06) I would also as a back up plan pay two trusted friends to show up at the right location at the right time. One of these friends would film events as they happened on a Digital Video Camera (which can be hired) and the other would take photographs of things as they happen on a digital camera.

07) This means that if turnout by the media is disappointing the moment you have been arrested the story itself has then become bigger due to Police involvement and this will enable your trusted friends to sell their Video footage to

National News shows and copies of the photos to the National newspapers. Obviously only those who did not attend in person would buy these things off your friends posing as freelance journalists, but here the motivation IS NOT money but maximum media coverage.

08) At this point any media who call the Police will be able to confirm that someone has been arrested for driving down a busy street in the city whilst blindfolded.

09) You will probably get a fine off the Police, however you may get away with just a caution as once your in the Police station your defence is that YOU WERE NOT DRIVING

DANGEROUSLY as you could see perfectly well! You could then agree to show them how you can see through the blindfolds if they agree not to tell the press how it was done!

10) If they agree then show them how its done and you may get away with a caution, if they don't agree demand that the matter goes to court, pointing out that this will bring you even more media publicity and make them look stupid in court as you will prove you could see perfectly well and as such were not driving dangerously.

11) Needless to say if the matter went to court all the media would be alerted that the Psychic who drove blindfolded through the city was to be in court that day and of course they would attend court to follow the story which gets you even more publicity.

12) In court you would point out that it IS NOT ILLEGAL to drive whilst wearing dark sunglasses just so long as you can still see the road and therefore it should not be illegal for you to drive blindfolded if you can still see the road and as such drive safely.

13) You as your defence in court would then be blindfolded by the prosecution in the same way you were that day and could then proceed to Juggle, walk round obstacles and read a book proving beyond doubt that despite being blindfolded you can still see! 14) Having proved that you can see in these circumstances which are the same as on the day in question I am very confident that if the case ever did get to court in the first place you would be released without charge, however don't take my advice on this - seek LEGAL ADVICE FIRST! 15) Were you to be charged a fine could be paid easily by the money generated from the media coverage, OK you might lose your driving license, but once you're a household name which a stunt such as this could make you paying a driver would be easy and with such Press Coverage as this type of court case would have any form of custody would be near impossible as in court you have proven that you could see (without giving away secret) and as such are far more likely to be charged with wasting police time. 16) THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT YOU'D GAIN MILLIONS OF POUNDS WORTH OF PUBLICITY AND CAPTURE THE PUBLICS IMAGINATION MAKING YOU A TRUE HOUSEHOLD NAME!

However as I say anyone using the contents of this manual does so at their own risk and I shall not be held responsible for any potential repercussions occurring as a result of anyone using any of the stunts or routines as suggested by me in this manual as they are supplied for information purposes only. However I can say in all honesty that a stunt such as this leading to a High Profile court case which you would probably win WOULD MAKE YOU A HOUSEHOLD NAME!

Well let me get that right it would set the ball rolling to a string of TV/Radio, Newspaper and Magazine interviews and it would then be down to you to do things of an even more impressive nature such as "BENDING FORK" and the "Audio Tape

Headline Prediction" in order to concrete your new found reputation as the Worlds Leading Psychic into the publics mind.

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