Ez Way To Astrology

By far the easiest way to learn to do Astrological readings of people is as follows:

01) Write down each of the twelve star signs.

02) Next to these write down to each of the twelve signs the name of a family member or close friend or at worst work colleague who has that particular starsign.

03) Remember which person relates to which starsign and vice versa and then your job of learning basic Astrology is done!

When you are doing readings and find out what the persons starsign is, you quite simply recall which friend or family member you know has that same star sign and then proceed to reel off information about them.

In otherwords as you know your friend or family member inside out, their personality, their bad habits, and their likes/dislikes etc and they have the SAME STARSIGN as the person now sat in front of you, they should therefore have much in common!

I've been using this simple technique for years and have found through personal experience that by describing the character traits, personality, likes/dislikes and bad habits etc of the person you know well with the same sign as your client you will be 99% correct almost 100% of the time!

Obviously you reveal this information to the client sat in front of you as if it is your expertise of Astrology that leads you to say this about them and certainly you do not mention the connection to family/friends!

Learn Astrology this way and you'll be giving simple starsign readings in less than an hour!


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