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Notice the way in which the questionnaire is worded and you will see that not only does it serve as a way for you to gain information before going on air/stage, but also helps you build up a database of dogs & their owners for use in your future media promotion.

Also the fact it says you will want to get the completed sheet off them AFTER the show gives a totally logical reason as to why they are being asked to fill it in at all!

It seems that you don't want to see it before going on air as then you could be accused of cheating, however as time will be short after the show you want them to complete it now and will get the completed sheets off them later as you need this information on your files so they can be contacted for potential use in future media articles!

Not only is this a great psychological ploy but it also helps you build up a contact list of people who will talk to the TV/Radio, newspapers and Magazines about you, your talents of Pawology and their experience of consulting you with their dogs!

Incidentally don't forget that when they tell you what the dogs star sign is this alone will give you more than enough patter for your reading.

You simply need a little knowledge about Astrology for humans and then much of this can easily be adapted for use with dogs and indeed other animals!

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