The secret is simply that as the receipt was yours before the show started you have already had access to all the information printed upon it, and indeed have already made pencil notes of this on the pad prior to the show.

Its just down to presentation then to have them project each piece of information as you write it down in clear black marker pen in big letters on the large art pad, before revealing that your reception of the things they are projecting is 100% Correct.

The reason this is so impressive is quite simply because the audience BELIEVE that you have NEVER seen the receipt that is being used.

Those few people perceptive enough to realise that you use the same person for this routine as the one you got up to assist in the last experiment will still believe that you have never seen the receipt.

This is simply because of the belief they have now that the theatre manager bought the playing cards for you and you never made contact with them prior to the show!

However as I have found the MAJORITY of people will not even realise it is the same person, especially as you allow him to stay seated in the audience whilst this experiment is conducted and just get him to shout out information as necessary.

Obviously the longer the delay is between the end of the "Base Chakra Projects the Answer" routine and this one being done, the more likely it is that the audience will not even realise that the same person is being used.

And if they don't realise it's the same person they won't ever think about where the receipt came from, which matters little anyway as those who do make the connection will still be very impressed as their memories tell them you have NEVER seen the receipt!

Just ensure that before the person is asked to project information to you these few questions are asked of them:

01) "Like many of us I always leave lots of rubbish in my jacket, do you have any shop receipts in your pocket?" (They will say YES because they put it their whilst on stage earlier!)

02) "Now we have not prearranged anything before or during this evenings show have we?" (They will say NO)

03) "And to the best of your knowledge & beliefs I have NEVER seen the receipt which you now hold in your hand or the information on it have I?" (They will answer NO as they believe it belonged to the theatre manager and that you never did see it!)

Not only will the audience be amazed as you get each piece of information almost 100% correct but also the person who is transmitting the information to you will be amazed also.

The reason I say almost correct is because to get everything right would seem like a trick, but to get some of the numbers slightly wrong or spelling a name incorrectly but meaning the Same thing adds a level of realism and enchantment to it all!

I love this routine because like everything I do its simple and allows me to concentrate on the presentation, which with Mental Magic and all things of a Psychic nature is what turns a simple little experiment into a life changing MIRACLE from an audiences perspective!

This is a true REPUTATION MAKER and in my personal experience draws an audience reaction far greater than many so called finger flinging complicated miracles receive.

The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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