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Conception Windows is the scientific sounding name which I gave to my idea of using Astrology to help people conceive more easily or to conceive a baby of their choice!

For over a year (1999 - 2000) I had on the website of British lifestyle magazine a regular column dealing with "Conceptions Windows" and I can assure you that this idea generated much media interest.

I know almost nothing except the basics about Astrology and so for this idea to work you need to recruit the services of a trained Astrologer.

This Astrologer will preferably be one who shys away from the limelight as in exchange for payment you will on a regular basis ask him/her to calculate using Astrology certain things and then you will be the one to reveal them on TV/Radio shows and in the media.

This idea although not entirely new, was given a new lease of life by me thanks to the CONTROVERSIAL manner in which I presented it to the media and the scientific sounding name for it of Conception Windows.

To get instant media attention you must use a press release with a controversial heading such as "Babies For Sale!", this will catch their attention, as would the headline "Babies To Order".

You then explain that by using Astrology you can tell a couple the information they need to have a Bespoke Baby (Tailor Made Baby) or in otherwords the Baby of their dreams.

Using the Male and Females dates, times and places of birth combined with the details of the actual baby they wish to conceive Astrology is used to determined the actual date and time upon which sexual intercourse needs to take place for this to happen.

Obviously it is not 100% guaranteed that they will conceive on this first occasion and so they are told to abstain from sex (or use protection) on all other occasions except the monthly dates given upon which conception of their desired baby due to Astrological and Planetary forces is possible!

This technique can also be used in third world countries, perhaps by way of the Internet to advise couples when to conceive in order to give birth to only MALE BABIES which due to infanticide would save thousands of lives each year.

These lives would be saved as in many third world countries any female babies that are born are KILLED AT BIRTH! This Life saving angle is a very strong one to use and WILL get media attention.

This technique can also be used in the same way to avoid unwanted pregnancies and therefore avoid ABORTIONS and ADOPTIONS, which need not occur.

After all some babies are unfortunately aborted because health difficulties are detected, but using Conception Windows the couple are more likely to conceive a healthy child and thus AVOID ABORTION!

In the same way a mother who discovers she is to have triplets may not be able to cope and this may lead to adoption for some children, an occurrence which again could be avoided by Conception Windows by ensuring sexual intercourse takes place on a date and at a time when only one child will be conceived!

So infanticide, Abortion & Adoption, along with the idea of being able to have the baby of your choice are all angles from which media interest can be generated. The "Bespoke Babies" angle is perhaps one of the most controversial, imagine being able to ensure by way of Conception Windows that the time you conceive is one that:

01) Will ensure you give birth to twins, triplets, Quads or indeed the number of babies of your choice.

02) Will enable these aforementioned babies to be IDENTICAL twins, triplets, quads or more as desired.

03) Ensure that the baby you have is MALE, which in the case of infanticide avoids unnecessary deaths!

04) Ensure the sex of your baby will be FEMALE.

05) Ensure the future personality and temperament of your as yet unconceived child by ensuring it is born with a certain star sign.

06) Conceive a child which will be predisposed to certain talents, for example one more likely to become an Olympic swimmer!

07) Give you dates upon which you can have sex without the need for conventional contraception without the huge risk of becoming pregnant.

08) Give infertile couples or those experiencing problems dates/times upon which to have sex to SERIOUSLY increase their chances of conceiving in the natural way!

In short CONCEPTION WINDOWS opens up a world where people need only give birth both when they want to and also to a child which fits their requirements completely in every way.

Those of you wishing to use this idea are advised to track down a suitable Astrologer in your own local area who is prepared to furnish the required information and calculations as and when needed.

However should you be unable to or not wish to spend time searching for such a person then e-mail me on [email protected] And I will put you in touch with the British Astrologer, which I used to calculate the information for me when writing my column for

Incidentally this idea WILL MAKE SOMEONE MILLIONS

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