Can You Read My Mind

You explain to the viewers/listeners that you have drawn a simple drawing of an object onto a piece of paper before the show started and then you sealed it inside an envelope.

You then give that envelope to the shows presenter and tell them to look after it and not open it until next time I appear on the show (this makes the viewers think you have already been invited back!).

"I want the viewers at home to look directly into my eyes (you look straight at camera) or listen closely to my voice (in case of being on radio or for blind viewers) and I will count to three."

"As I count to three concentrate on me and tune into my mind as I shall be trying to project the image I have drawn and sealed into the envelope to you!"

"1 - concentrate, 2 - see that image clearly in your mind now and on 3 - please draw the image you have seen onto the back of a postcard and send it to us at (their address) and in the very near future I'll be back on the show to reveal how many of you got it right!"

There is no secret to this stunt other than you draw a simple drawing of a house like a child would, you know a simple house, with four windows, a door and a chimney.

The law of averages is on your side and the fact is that lots of the people who do reply will get the object right, certainly the 50 or so friends/family who send postcards in on your behalf will be correct and this itself warrants a reappearance on the show.

The way your patter is worded makes it difficult for the show not to rebook you, as their viewers/listeners will want to know if the object drawn by you is the same as the one they received.

And the large quantities of postcards arriving at the station over the next few days will keep your name at the forefront of the producer's minds, proving by the audience's response to the stunt that you were popular with them!

Remember a stunt such as this needs to be pulled without giving any of the shows production team any form of prior warning as otherwise they will try to stop you asking the viewers/listeners to contact them as from previous experience they will be aware of what chaos this causes!

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