Bucket Of Ice Test

This is a routine, which I originally saw demonstrated by a so-called Conventional Psychic Healer called Mathew Manning on Uri Geller's ITV Special "Beyond Belief".


It is explained to a volunteer seated on stage, that in a few moments time their right arm will be placed into the fish tank next to them which is full of Cold Water and Ice.

They are told to remove their hand from the Iced Water the very second that they feel it is too cold or painful to keep their hand in it any longer.

They are told to close their eyes and you then lift up their arm and place it into the tank of Iced Water without warning.

From the second their hand enters the Water until the very second they remove their hand is timed by a stopwatch which is held and operated by a 2nd Volunteer from the audience.

The time is noted and Volunteer one is told how long they managed to keep their arm under water before the Navel-Healing begins.

Volunteer One is told to close their eyes and relax as you place the Quartz Crystal into their Navel and start the Psychic Mumbo Jumbo.

You suggest to them that "In a few moments time when and only when I count to 3, then and only then I will place your right arm into the water tank beside you."

"This time you will notice that from the very second your hand enters the water you WILL FEEL calm, relaxed and confident in every way!"

"You will notice that something you once thought would be so difficult now becomes so ridiculously easy and you will feel NO DISCOMFORT whatsoever!"

Then you go into the think of the colour Orange Blurb and feel the warmth Patter mentioning to the volunteer that:

"Just so long as you keep seeing the Colour Orange brightly in your minds eye whilst feeling that warmth flooding your entire body YOU WILL FEEL NO DISCOMFORT whatsoever and will be able to keep your hand in the tank for much longer with the greatest of EASE!"

1- Relaxed, Calm & confident. 2- feeling warm & strong inside and on 3 Just notice how, unlike last time you feel no discomfort whatsoever. (As you count three you place their hand back into the water)

At this point Volunteer number two starts the stopwatch and prepares to stop it the very second that volunteer number one removes their hand from the water again.

The times are compared and it is noticed with much amazement from both those involved and the audience that She was able to keep her hand under water for CONSIDERABLY longer the 2nd time around!

She is given a towel to dry her arm and returned to the audience to thunderous applause.

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