Audio Tape Headline Prediction

This is another reputation maker, which again requires an expensive piece of equipment. This must be purchased from one of the magical dealers I've suggested or one of those you find on the web!

Imagine recording onto an audio-tape your verbal prediction of what the National Newspaper headlines will be in two weeks time.

Imagine then putting this tape into its plastic box and sealing it shut with sticky tape before locking it into a metal cash box, which is then locked into a bigger metal cash box in order that no one can tamper with the contents.

Imagine then packaging this up and sending it by Recorded Delivery (where recipient has to sign for collection of goods) to the editor of a leading National Daily Newspaper.

You are waiting at the Newspapers offices when the parcel Delivery Company arrive to deliver the package and witness it being signed for and left with them.

You are now able to speak to the editor and explain that you sent the parcel and DO NOT want it opened until the exact date you state in two weeks time as it contains a prediction of what that newspapers headlines and main storys will be on that day.

Before leaving the newspapers offices you get the editor to sign a contract agreeing that he will not tamper with the prediction, will stick it in the newspapers vaults for safe keeping and will then bring it along with him on the evening in question to the relevant television station or live performance venue.

Imagine then on the night in question appearing on a LIVE TV show and LIVE on air having the newspapers editor open the package and then the two metal cash boxes (as on air you give him the keys) and then finally he cuts open the seal on the tape case and places it into the audio tape recorder in front of him.

He then presses the play button, the tape begins to play and your voice is heard to come from the speakers revealing not only that days newspaper headlines and main storys but also many major news events from the past two weeks along with the previous two weeks winning National Lottery Numbers.

The tape is then removed from the player and given to the newspapers editor to take away and play back as many times as he wants and they will genuinely find that upon the tape which was mailed too them TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE TV SHOW (which can be proved by delivery companies records & receipts) is your voice containing numerous CORRECT predictions of what would happen during that 14 day period.

Don't you think that this would get that newspaper to cover the story?

Don't you think they would run stories leading up to the revelation of your predictions on the TV show and also after the event detailing how you were 100% correct?

Don't you think a LIVE TV show would jump at the chance of having you on to reveal the prediction on the day in question?

EXACTLY! - Anyone with half an ounce of sense will have answered YES to all these questions!

And that's precisely why the "Audio Tape Headline Prediction" can when used correctly make you an international household name!

You could also mail an audio tape prediction in the same way to the editors of the local/regional newspaper in each of the areas that you are to perform your live show at in the near future and then this would lead to both pre-show and post-show publicity in every area that you visit!

It would of course also make for the show stopping ending to your live show when your mailed two weeks previously predictions are revealed to be correct!


Well quite simply for the cost of between $400 to $800 you purchase a very special yet very normal looking tape player from a magic dealer.

The audiotape sent to them in advance is a blank tape, upon which NOTHING is actually recorded, which is one of the reasons it is packaged up so securely so that nobody will tamper with it and find this out!

On the day that the tape is to be played on the TV SHOW you simply record your verbal "Predictions" into the secret section of the tape player.

In otherwords hidden within the player is a section upon which you can record your voice.

Then when the blank tape is placed into the player and the play button is pressed the Hocus-Pocus takes place.

You see the player is manufactured in such a way that when the Play button is pressed what actually happens is that your voice which was recorded onto the secret section of the player is played back and is actually what the audience hear!

As this secret section plays back it is at the same time being recorded onto the blank tape which was placed into the normal looking player and so once your CORRECT PREDICTIONS have been heard, they are then genuinely recorded onto the tape!

This means that the editor can then take the tape away with him and whenever he plays it back will hear exactly the same as they just did when they heard your voice coming from the secret section.

This concrete's the impression into their mind that you recorded the predictions onto the tape two weeks before the predicted events happened as it is indeed THE VERY SAME AUDIO


From everyone's point of view this is a test conditions display of genuine Psychic Powers and if you can't generate TV/Radio, Newspaper and Magazine publicity for yourself using this special prop then you may as well change career now as the possibilities are endless!

You can predict a whole seasons Football results, who will win political elections, what the winning Lottery numbers will be and in fact anything which the public has an interest in and already is a newsworthy event.

By predicting the outcome of events, which are already of themselves, newsworthy you instantly make your stunt of predicting the outcome newsworthy, it becomes a PUBLIC INTEREST story and much media coverage can then be obtained.

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Become A More Spiritual Person Today

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