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No matter who you are and where you fit in personality categories, there's an app for you that has plenty of pickup material only for you to use. Meet GotPickup Lines App An app that contains pickup lines. Is that even true? Yes, it is. With the development of GotPickup Lines, the line between technology and picking up has been omitted completely, thanks to Gary P., its developer. Gary had been someone like you always tired of going out in the night in search of a woman to hang out with or just talk to. To find answers that could help improve his petty situation, he surfed on the internet. What he found was alarming. Guys hanging out on different forums talked about only one thing they wished if there was a one-stop for all where they could find the information that could turn anyone into a PUA. The app has 4 main pickup lines categories: Openers, False Disqualifiers, Closers, and Responses. All the pickup lines are categorized and on each pickup line you can comment, read comments, bookmark your favorite line, submit your own lines, and have a dose of freshly added lines weekly. What else could you want to be the next big pickup artist?

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The writer has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

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Your First Words are Always Non Verbal

However, having said all that, talking is not the first thing that you ever want to do when you are sniffing around with the thought of seducing a woman. This of course is the essence of your paralyzing problem with rejection i.e., your fear of saying the wrong thing and thus making a complete ass of yourself. Guys in general, and particularly guys like you and me (over-thinkers), get all bent out of shape trying to come up with the perfect opening line the icebreaker, the stunningly clever witticism, that will make her swoon and tumble into a helpless love trance. I've been there, and so have you. You run through a scan of possible dialogs and ruthlessly reject each one as inappropriate, ignorant or stupid. There's nothing that seems to fit the situation or the girl in question. Unable to dream up the perfect line, we withdraw and fade away our throats choked shut with tension and fear. It would've never worked out anyway, right But by focusing so much on the super-critical pick-up...

Step 2 Knock her off her Pedestal

Because attractive women have become nothing more than untouchable fantasy creatures which you only idolize and dream about (especially while working on your crippling case of self-inflicted Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), you can't face them for real. When you encounter one it's like you've suddenly found yourself in the presence of God Almighty and all you can do is fall to the ground and tremble like some old Biblical prophet. This adoring attitude is a certain trademark of the low status submissive male, the guy that all women (except perhaps the most terrifying fatties) absolutely despise. If they even sense this as being your first non-verbal communication, you are dead before you open your mouth to utter that stupid pick-up line you've been working on all week.

Verbal and actually gulp say something Step 6 Get a Life Line

First thing you should know about your opening words, forget the stupidfuckin' pick-up lines They suck, women think they're dumb and don't even hear them through the fog of their own nervousness anyway. Yes, you heard that right, she's nervous too. I don't care how foxy she is she could be right off the pages of Playboy for all I care and you might be nothing more than a skinny little geek, but when a man moves on a woman her instincts take over and force her into a state of arousal whether she likes it or not. It triggers a cascade of subconscious thought processes that run just like a software program. Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not talking about sexual arousal (that happens later) I mean having her man-woman-mating instincts getting all perked up despite herself.

Originally published in Genii Magazine

Consider these two possible opening lines Here's a trick I've been playing with for the last couple of weeks, or, Here's a piece of magic I've been working on for the last six months. Do you see the differences Which introduction is likely to create more interest, set up a better expectation, and ultimately produce a more profound response

On Stage The First Fundamental

Unless you do a silent act, speaking is vital to your artistic success. Your opening lines will immediately set the tone of your show and there must never be one moment when you are at a loss for words. Your speech must be clear and concise and you must know at all times exactly what you are going to say. This script must be carefully thought out and written down. Recording your dress rehearsals can be of immense value and you will often think of improvements to lines it as you listen to these recordings. Put in as much thought and practice to your speaking as you do for the rest of your magic.

Step 3 Show her that youre a Player

Okay, now that you've executed this inner game to perfection (kind of like practicing a golf swing in your mind before actually taking your shot) you're ready to make first contact. Remember, first meaningful contact between men and women is always non-verbal. Guys go wrong by sneaking up to a woman uninvited and blurting out their carefully rehearsed pick-up line straight out of left field. The woman gets scared, jumps back in wide-eyed terror, and flames you with a cold glare. Now you become even more nervous, choke on your next words, fuck up some more, make a total ass of yourself, and end up taking a bath in your toxic shame. Afterwards, you pledge to never ever again try to pick up another woman because they all hate you

That They Can Get You Laid Automatically

The taking a survey method works better in this setting than in a singles bar, as women are, as I said, less suspicious. You're probably better off saying that you are writing a book for men and you are working on a chapter on bad lines. Ask the women you meet to tell you the worst pick-up lines they've ever heard. They'll be more than happy to tell you- one of the things women do most when they get together for drinks is to chick about men, so you'll probably be right on subject This is a fun approach, that adds some humor to the stale best ways to meet women survey approach. You'll meet lots of women, and some of them are bound to go for you, out of sheer numbers alone. Who knows, you might find out that some of your favorite lines are actually the ones women think of as being the worst That alone would make it worth your while Waitresses

Reframing chick tests chick frames

I might respond by saying, Honey, hitting on you would be buying you a drink if you think this is hitting on you, maybe you need to get out of the house more maybe those guys over there would try and pick you up but you are going to have to be a bit more creative with your pickup lines to get

October 1989 FINAL

1 After voicing whatever opening lines you usually use, turn to any spectator and say, Would you name your favorite four of a kind, your favorite value Regardless of which value is named, immediately say, That's amazing Is there any way I could have known what value you would name As you say those words and the spectator answers, spread the top, bottom or middle of the deck, faces

First Verbal Contact

9) Show you are Harmless and Interested It's as easy as saying hi , commenting about a common environmental experience going on around you, or making a light, self-depreciating joke. Just say something non-offensive to get the ball rolling, and remember Use No Stupid Fuckin Pick-up Lines EVER


As you wait backstage, it is a good idea to mentally rehearse your opening lines. Saying them over and over again to yourself will give you something to do and build your confidence. One of the biggest causes of backstage jitters is that you will forget your lines. This will overcome that. When it is time for you to begin, march proudly out in front of your audience. Smile and act like this is your home and where you belong Speak your opening lines with power and authority even if you have a microphone. Make your gestures slightly larger than normal and do not be afraid to use plenty of body movement. You are on stage and you are expected to have stage presence. This means


Example Man, I woke up this morning soooooo hungry My alarm clock didn't go off, so I must have slept until noon, which is really, really late for me, but I was up all night watching a James Bond Marathon on TBS. So when I went to get something to eat, I found out my roommate had eaten all the cereal, and there was nothing left to eat in my place because we only have week-old Chinese food leftovers in the fridge (don't ask me why). So I went to my neighbor next door, and I guess she likes to sleep in late too because when she opened the door she was wearing this really skimpy nightgown When I asked her if I could borrow some cereal, she totally thought it was a lame pick-up line or something and started coming onto me Now, usually I'd be into it because my neighbor is an incredibly beautiful woman, but the thing is, I was so hungry I couldn't think straight So here's this beautiful, scantily clad woman coming onto me, and all I can think about is Captain Crunch Unbelievable, right The...

Principal phases

Next, the psychic has to actually start the reading. It is important for the reading to get off to a good start, and for this reason few psychics rely purely on improvised cold reading at this early stage. Most have a few phrases they have learned to trust, or an introductory framework they have polished over time. These tried-and-tested opening lines help the psychic to sound proficient, experienced and, most importantly of all, supremely confident.

Pick Up Artist

OPENING LINES or OPENERS or INTROs or STARTERS or LEAD-INs I thought you'd like to join the party. class and style, which is needed when presenting yourself to a woman. Consider Women or Ladies but not Broads as it brings the image of Casanova to the gutter. Im going to bags some honeys. Consider, We're off to be the wizards or lets slay the dragon or I off to find LOVE. By consistently using the words we would use in FRONT of women while behind the scenes (like in this NG) we prepare ourselves to be better equipped to present the proper classy attitude. Don't get me wrong, in bed, I can swear and fuck like a mink. Im not offended by words, but in order to create a more classy image of our art, we must at some point remove the stereotypical shit. A true artist doesn't use pick-up lines. He uses INTRO SCRIPTING. His INTROs are polished and non-sexist. His ROUTINES are natural, humorous and fun. His attitude towards the subject is that of a PROFESSIONAL. He systematically FINDS the best...