Variant Of Hit Second Deal

Edward Marlo

This is an easy variant of the Hit Second Deal (First Method) explained in Seconds - Centers -Bottoms, p. 60. While its application is not as flexible as the original, it has its own moments and uses, especially when the top card is turned face up, then face down, and apparently dealt face down to the table. In this sequence, the second card is actually dealt). At times, it is also an excellent Double Lift Substitute.

Method: Hold the deck as for dealing. Your left thumb pushes over two cards, one in advance of the other. (Fig. )

Your palm-down right hand is about to take the top card by its outer right corner. Your right fingers now turn or twist the top card face up, Stud Deal fashion. As this card is turned face up, your left thumb pulls back the top or original second card and the left pinky obtains a break below it. (Fig. )

Your right hand now flips its card face down onto the deck. Simultaneously, your right thumb follows through by placing itself against the back end of the cards to align the two cards now above the break. (Fig )

Without hesitation, your left thumb moves across onto the top of the deck as your left second and third fingertips simultaneously trap and slightly raise the two cards along their right side.This also moves these two cards slightly forward at the outer right corner.

Your right hand immediately goes to this outer right corner and inserts its second finger under the two cards, while your right first finger is placed on the edge of these cards. Your right thumb remains on the top card and your right third and fourth fingers are curled into the palm. (Fig. ) Note that your left thumb has moved closer to the right corner of the pack.

Your right second finger presses upwards on the face card of the two cards and moves or deals it out. (Fig. ,an exposed action.) In reality, your left hand does a Wrist Turn. The next thing the spectator sees is the "deal down" which completes the Second Deal. (Fig. )

The Second Deal has been completed. How you apply it is more important. We have already mentioned its use as a Double Lift Substitute. The next effect makes an ideal climax for the Stanley Collins Aces and demonstrates a better application of this deal.

July - 1965

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