The Eyecandy Change

This very startling. A wrong card visibly changes into the correct selection.

The original description for this effect was written in July, 1968 at Third Lake - Lake Villa, Illinois. It was to be part of Alton Sharpe's Expert Card Magic trilogy.

Method: Control the selected card second from the bottom of the deck. Turn the deck face up in your left hand. Deal the face card face up to the table as your left hand does a downward Wrist Turn, hiding the selection from view. Keep the deck inward and towards your body, then obtain a left pinky break or separation in preparation for the Visual Retention Change.

Your right hand picks up the tabled face-up card after it has been disavowed by the spectator. Say, "This is not your card!" Rest it face up in the usual cantilevered position against the left side of the pack as previously described in the Basic Technique. Your right hand comes above the cantilevered card to give it a "snap" against its face with your right first fingertip as it springs off the ball of your right thumb. Ask the spectator to name his card. When he does, your right first fingertip snaps or flicks the face of the cantilevered card as your left hand simultaneously executes the downward Wrist Turning action and releases of the top card of the deck. This results in the actual selection landing face up on the table. (Fig. 6)

During this action, both hands move in opposite direction. This assures that the actual selection becomes clearly visible. Your hands remain about three inches above the table's surface. The major difference between this handling and the Basic Technique is that the flicking action instantly moves the cantilevered card flush. The sudden, crackling sound will induce the spectator to blink.

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