Spring Control

Anton York

Method: Set-up for Mario's Incomplete Faro. Riffle the upper portion for the usual spectator "stop." Bend back the upper cards so that he can note his card, then lower the cards as in Mario's method. Simultaneously (when the cards are lowered), your right pinky pulls the spectator's card a half inch to the right, then the little finger will prevent this card from being seen.

Bend the cards as in Marlo's one-hand Spring method, glimpsing the selection through the arch of your hand. In Marlo's version he sprung the cards together at this point, then gave the deck out for shuffling. In this case, spring the cards together, but maintain pressure on the comer of the chosen card with your pinky. After the cards have cascaded together, they will be in a sloppy, unsquared condition, but the chosen card will be angled to the left of the deck, near the base of your left thumb. (Fig. 1)

The fleshy part of your left thumb's base can easily contact this angle-jogged portion of the selected card. (Fig. 2) A downward pressure is applied steadily as your right hand lifts away the separating cards above the selection. When the uppermost cards are separated, they are cut to the bottom and the cards are squared. The glimpsed selection is now on top.

Richard Kaufman published a variation in Magic Man Examiner #3 (undated), p. 6, titled "Richie Switchie." Only Chris Kenner could get away with printing such a title.

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