Second Method

This features an interesting handling of the Atfus Move. Marlo had many ways of performing the Atfus Move. This method also allows you to insert most of the Deuces from the front end of the deck, with each Deuce going into different parts of the deck.

Begin by exchanging three Deuces for three indifferent cards, using the Addition Move. This results in leaving the three Deuces face down on top of the deck. On the table will be three face-down indifferent cards with a face-down Deuce on the face of this packet.

Get a three-card break under the top three Deuces, adding them beneath the face-up Aces in the usual way in readiness for the Atfus sequence. This time, however, perform the Atfus in this variant manner: Hold the seven-card packet in a right-hand Biddle position, with your right thumb holding a break on the bottom card (a Deuce). This break is obtained with a Buckle or Pull-Down move. Your left thumb then commences its peeling action of the Aces, peeling them onto the deck held in your left hand.

The Aces are left side-jogged slightly to the right for the subsequent, supposed pick-up. The first Ace is peeled and as it is apparently picked up and added underneath the Ace- packet, your right thumb releases the lowermost face-down Deuce. This Deuce covers the face-up Ace and both cards are left on top of the deck as your right hand moves slightly to the right.

The Ace-packet is then moved to the squaring position. (Fig. 2) During the squaring action, your right thumb gets a break on the lowermost card. Immediately begin the peeling action of the second Ace. As this Ace is peeled onto the deck and apparently picked up, you repeat the same adding-and-covering technique performed on the first Ace, but also get a break beneath the second Ace with your left pinky.

Peel the third Ace, but do no special moves. Actually pick it up under the Ace-packet along with the two cards above your left pinky break. There are five cards in all—An Ace, a face-down Deuce, an Ace, a face-down Deuce, and an Ace. This is their order from the face. This supposed Ace-packet is then placed face up on the table. On top of the deck are a face-up Ace covered by a face-down Deuce.

Pick up the supposed three face-down Deuces and place them into different parts of the deck from the front end. Push them flush and in squaring the deck, lift the top two cards in readiness for the Tilt technique. Make some remark about using all four Deuces. Pick up the face-up Deuce, turn it face down, and insert it from the back end, using Tilt.

All that remains is to place the Aces onto the deck; however, to place them onto the pack, casually show three Aces in the following manner: Hold the supposed Ace-packet in your left hand. Your right hand in the Biddle position lifts two cards and moves them slightly to the right. Your left fingers simultaneously move out the lowermost Ace to its left. This entire action momentarily exposes three Aces. Accompany the action by saying, "The Aces!" Conclude the effect as per usual.

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