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If you do not perform the Third Method, this version has a logical procedure insofar as the spectator inserts the Aces face up into the case before a card is selected. You hold the case open as in the First Method (Fig. 8), while the spectator inserts the Aces face up. The card case is closed and placed to the left, flap-side up and away from you.

A card is selected and signed. It is returned to the deck and controlled to the top. Turn the deck face up and spread a few cards. Say, "It would be easy to find your card because it is signed." Square up the deck, then Side-Steal the bottom card into your right hand. Place the deck face down in front of the spectator with your left hand, as your right hand (palming the selection) picks up the card case. (Fig. 9) Note: If the selection is Rear Palmed as shown, your fingers remain open and relaxed. If a standard palm is used, all of your fingers remain closed.

With the card case held in your right hand, shake and say: "Pick up the deck and riffle it towards the case as you did previously." As the spectator does this, your left hand comes from below to grasp the case by its sides. Immediately turn this hand palm down as your right hand, moving across the case, simultaneously adds its palmed card. This card is instantaneously grasped by your left thumb and fingers, which hold it firmly against the case. Without pausing, your right second fingertip flips open the flap and lets it hang down.

Your right fingers remove the first face-up Ace to place it on the table. The card underneath the case is pulled upwards and out, appearing as though it came from inside the case. This looks similar to Figure () from First Method. Finally, the last Ace is removed to compose the tabled sandwich. Conclude as in First Method, revealing the selection.

Alternative methods of palming off the selection can be used. Some performers may feel more comfortable using the One-Hand Palm off the face of the deck. Others may prefer a Bottom Palm. If so, the deck is handled face down; however, the case is placed with the flap-side down and away from the performer. Figure (10) shows a card in the Gambler's Cop being added underneath the case. Your right hand afterwards holds the case and the added card by the ends as your left hand changes position to grasp the case by its sides. Your right fingers open the flap as per the usual technique. The rest follows as already explained. In every case, to prevent more than one card from being removed, your left thumb and first finger are placed at the extreme outer opening end. This permits you to feel the card's edges as they are removed, ensuring that only one card is removed at a time.

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