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Jon Racherbaumer

The two-handed transformation from The Expert At The Card Table is a remarkable and enduring bit of manipulation. The following mechanics are based on the Second Transformation and is used to change or vanish the principal card being shown and handled.

As A Vanish:

Hold the deck in a face-down dealing position. Turn the top card face up and replace it in an outjogged position for half its length. Hold your right hand perfectly flat and cover the deck. (Fig. 7) The fleshy base of your right palm contacts the second card (face-down) below the outjogged card at this stage. Slide your right palm forward and completely cover the outjogged card.

Lightly slide your right palm backwards, but allow the heel portion of the palm near your wrist to contact the second card so that it is dragged backwards with your palm. Slide your palm backward, keeping it flat, until the second card clears or inaudibly clicks past the lower end of the outjogged card. At this point, the jogged card will be visible again.

When your flattened right palm reaches this point (Fig. 8), tilt your right fingers slightly upwards as you move your palm to the right. The second card is pressed against your palm. When you tilt your right palm and move to the right, the inner right corner of the deck keeps the palmed card in place (Fig. 9- a bottom view).Your right palm swings around in a small arc to the left. The second card is dragged onto your left second fingertip, which holds it against your flattened palm. (Fig. 10) Your right palm moves over and directly covers the face-up outjogged card, aligning the palmed second card with it. All that remains is to slide or push both cards flush with the deck. It should appear as though you are cupping the face-up card and lifting it from the deck. When your right hand is lifted, it should be slightly cupped as though clumsily holding a card. The face-down second card is now covering the face-up card and everything looks copacetic.

As A Change:

Hold the deck face up in your left hand. Place your right fingertips on the face card at its center, then push it forward for half its length. When your right palm is flattened during this outjogging action, it covers the exposed second card.

Move your right palm further forward to momentarily cover the outjogged card, then move it backwards as in "As A Vanish." Once the second card clears the jogged card's inner end, move your right palm forward again. Make certain to gently press downwards on the second card so that its outer end will raise slightly and move onto the outjogged card. Keep moving your right palm forward until its palmed card is flush with the inner end of the deck.

Continue moving your right hand so that it completely covers the outjogged card, then immediately move it inwards as it simultaneously presses down on the outjogged card. As the jogged card is brought flush with the deck, it automatically forces the "new" face card into your right palm.

Now move your right hand with its palmed card to the right to display the original face card for the last time. (Fig. 11) Move your right hand to the left, covering the original face card, then slide it back to the right to reveal the sudden change.

February 3, 1980

This is a variant for the knuckle-busting cardmen. If anything, it is fun to practice. Although it is based on the previously explained Marlovian mechanics, Marlo considered it a "discard." We accept full responsibility for its recombinant nature.

Hold the deck face down in your left hand, then perform a Double Turnover so that the card(s) land in an outjogged position. Move your flattened right palm over the jogged card(s). Contact the uppermost card of the "double" so that it moves one-sixteenth of an inch forward.

Under cover of your right hand, your left first fingertip pulls back on the upper end of the lowermost card of the "double" and subsequently pushes it downwards and flush with the deck. You are now set to perform the requisite steps of "As A Vanish." You can leave the card(s) outjogged or push them downwards and flush with the deck. The former is more impressive. Make sure of the card's alignment before disclosing the transformation. April 19, 1980

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