The Switch-Card is hung by its top edge.(Fig. 1)

Figure (4) shows the 9C falling in the lap and your left thumb dipping down and making contact with the Hung Card. Your right hand is starting the spread action. In Figure (5), the spread-action is at mid-point and your left fingers are grasping the Hung Card and are pulling it back to the original position of the 9C.

It is important that your left hand does not move upwards once the Hung Card reaches your hand's original position. It should not bob higher, which is a natural tendency. Because this action is quick, your left hand will want to jump. Your wrist merely moves inwards and past the table's edge and the switch-card is released. As the great Slydini advised, do not concentrate on the card to be lapped. Gravity will take care of it. Concentrate on the Hung Card and move your left thumb and fingers inward and downwards, grasping it. Do not move your left arm or shoulder.

Correct coordination is absolutely essential. Do not begin the spreading action prematurely. Everything must be graceful and natural. Everything happens as you say, "You could have chosen any of these cards. In fact, let's make sure you didn't pass by the prediction. (Pause) You chose this card, which, believe it or not, is the openly predicted card!"

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