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This technique evolved after studying the following methods: (1) Edward Mario's "Whispering Queen" from The Cardician; (2) Bill Simon's "Piquant Peek" from Effective Card Magic; (3) The techniques in Edward Marlo's Multiple Shift book and retold in Steranko On Cards; (4) An item from Marlo In Spades called "Jerry Kogan's Indicator." This technique begins with the insertion of a selection. The deck is ribbon spread on the table and a spectator removes a selection. The performer takes the selection and inserts it in the front end of the deck as per any Diagonal Jog Push-Through technique. (Fig. 6) This leaves the selection diagonally jogged. The latter illustrates the jogged condition with your right hand removed. (Fig. 7)

Your right hand grips the deck from above, lifting it slightly off your left hand. The finger positions of your right hand should be obvious. As the deck is lifted and turned upwards and clock-wise, the thumb-end turns as per the standard All Around Square and your right pinky contacts the selection's outer right corner. (Fig. 8) It then pushes it aligned with the upper end of the deck. This action side-jogs the selection. (Fig. 9)

The entire action is done as the inner end of the deck is pivoted upwards. At this point, the selection is glimpsed. Then your left hand comes over to aid the squaring process, pushing the sidejogged card flush with the deck. (Fig. 10) Perform the rest of the All Around Square and hand the deck to a spectator for shuffling. The extent of the jog in the illustration is exaggerated. In actual practice, the jog is just enough to see the index of the sidejogged card. The entire action takes less than three seconds to perform.

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April 23, 1968

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