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Thematically speaking, this short routine will remind you of Vernon's "Twisting The Aces" and Marlo's "Somersaulting A-2-3."

Effect: The Ace, Deuce, and Three of Diamonds are shown and held face down. When they are spread, the Deuce in the middle is face up. Next, the Ace is placed in the center and it also turns face up. This magical action is repeated with the Three. Finally, all three cards are placed face down in the middle of the deck. When the deck is ribbon-spread face down, the Ace, Deuce, and Three of Diamonds are found face up in the center.

Set-up: Begin by having a duplicate 3D on top of the deck.

Method: Remove the AD, 2D, and the regular 3D from the deck, placing them face up on top of the deck in the A-2-3 order from the top. While doing this, obtain a left pinky break under the duplicate 3D. Everything should be squared. Thumb off or deal the Ace into the right hand, followed by the Deuce, then the next two cards as one. Finally, turn them face down into your left hand.

Situation Check: The order of the cards should be: AD (face down), 2D (face down), 3D (face up), 3D (face down).

Holding the packet of cards with the right hand from above and by the ends, show the 3D on the bottom. Replace the packet in the left hand, turning the top card (AD) face up. As you apparently turn it face down, actually perform a Triple Turnover, using a buckle or pushoff technique. Say, "Remember: a Three on the bottom and an Ace on the top. What is in the middle?"

As soon as the Deuce is named, say, "Watch!" Spread or fan the cards, buckling the bottom card and disclosing a face up 2D in the center. With the cards still fanned, take the top card and the double-card in your right hand, holding them at the inner right corner. Use them to flip the 3D in your left hand face up. Place the face up 2D (really a double-card) on top of the face-up 3D. Using the remaining face-down card in the right hand (apparently the AD) to flip the cards in your left hand face down. The face-down card in the right hand is inserted above the bottom card of the left-hand packet, using a buckle or Marlo's Pull Down move. Henceforth, this is called the Disclosure Sequence. The insertion, by the way, is not covert.

Say, "The Ace of Diamonds is inserted in the center, between the Deuce and Three." Repeat the actions of the Disclosure Sequence to reveal the face-up AD and so on. The right-hand 3D can be shown prior to inserting between the other two (?) cards. To show that the 3D is face up, push-off the first two cards, keeping the last two cards squared as one. Leave the cards fanned in this condition. The right hand (holding the fan below) can now show both sides of the fan and everything looks copacetic.

Square-up the cards in your left hand. Turn the Deuce face up onto the Three, then slide out the bottom Ace and place it face up onto the Deuce. Say, "This feat can be done with only the Ace, Two, Three of Diamonds!" As you utter this line, take the Ace into your right hand, followed by the face-up Deuce on top of it. Perform a Marlo Pull Down and place the Ace and Deuce between the back-to-back Threes. A Three will be showing on the face.

Ask the spectator to cut the face-up deck. While this is being done, casually turn your four-card packet over. Everything looks copacetic because the duplicate 3D is at the face. The AD, 2D, and 3D are now reversed beneath it. Apparently place the A-2-3 face up onto the face-up deck and perform a straight cut. Turn the pack face down, make a magical gesture and ribbon-spread the pack face down, disclosing the face-up AD, 2D, and 3D in the center to cap the effect card inserted here

pip and index covered by right fingers

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