Fifth Method

This method is boldly direct, but has a discrepancy. This should please cardmen who insist that all good effects should have one. The selections remain on the deck with a left pinky break held beneath them.

Your right hand picks up the Aces and displays them in a fan. They are placed face up on the deck. As a magical gesture, press, squeeze, or lightly riffle the front end of the deck. All the cards above the break are then taken off with your right hand and are held by the ends and from above. Say, "Look what's happened!" Your left hand places the deck aside and the packet in your right hand is placed into your left hand in preparation for Marlo's Open Double Deal:

The first Ace is dealt face up to the table. On the second Ace, perform a Double Deal, but your right thumb and fingers immediately spread these cards. (Fig. 1) This gives the illusion of having taken two cards, which are dealt alongside the first Ace. Immediately perform another Open Double Deal. Your left fingers again spread both cards before they are dealt alongside the other tabled cards. (Fig. 2)

You can eliminate the discrepancy by performing three Open Double Deals in a row, then place the last Ace at the left end of the layout. This action, however, is not as smooth. It is psychological jarring when the last Ace is placed at the left end. It looks as if that face-down card was not between the Aces and you were trying to make it look that way.

In all the methods, the three selections are set for their disclosure in a 1-2-3 order from right to left. Therefore, if you control your selections to the top in a 3-2-1 order from the top, the selections will be revealed from left to right.

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