Fifth Method

The AS is on top of the deck. A card is placed face down on the table. Using the opening procedure of previous methods, maneuver the selection onto the AS. Suppose the selection is the 3D.

Perform a Double Turnover, disclosing the AS. Your right thumb simultaneously lifts about five or more cards at the inner left corner. Move in the base of your left thumb, maintaining a flesh break at this inner left corner. Turn your left hand palm down, dealing the AS face down onto the table.

Your right hand moves the tabled card to the center of the table in a lengthwise position. This card is held in place by your left first finger as your right hand takes the face-down AS and moves it under the tabled selection. Only its corner goes under the tabled card. The AS, still face-down, held by its outer right corner, and in a lengthwise position, is then rubbed on top of the selection.

As an afterthought, your right hand turns the AS face up and continues the magnetizing rigmarole of rubbing above and below the thought-card. The crucial moment and move: Ask the spectator to name his card. Your right hand holds onto the AS and your left hand, which is palm down, performs the following actions: Your left thumb is placed firmly across the top of the deck, then presses down and pulls back on those cards above the break. This causes these cards to move inwards slightly. (Fig. 1)

Your left first and second fingers extend to pick up the card. (Fig. 2) Please note that the tabled card is visible or extended to the right. As your left fingers pull the card underneath the deck, it actually rides over and onto the pulled-back cards. (Fig. 3 - a side-view.)

As your left fingers pull the cards back and flush with the deck, your left hand immediately turns palm up and deals or thumbs-off the face-up card. Everything looks copacetic. It appears as though you actually picked up the tabled card in this manner. The original tabled card is now covered by several face-down cards. It is important that you pick up the card as shown in Figure 2. Your left first finger will help push the card flush with the deck. If you pick it up head on and in line with the deck, the tabled card will have a tendency to jut out and flash at the back end of the deck. You may not fool many magicians with the basic effect, but the exchange will puzzle them.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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