Edward Marlo

This is called the FI GLIMPSE because it works backwards from the IF GLIMPSE.

The deck is set-up for an Incomplete Faro and the spectator notes a card from the upper section. This selection is jogged as per the technique used in the IF GLIMPSE. Your right hand grasps the upper section with your right fingers on top and thumb at the bottom. This section is then bent downwards. (Fig. 4)

Through the arch of your right thumb and fingers, you can cleanly and quickly spot the index of the jogged selection. The illustration shows an exaggerated bend so that the reader can see the jogged card as well as the condition of the elongated pack. The jogged selection in the drawing is the 2C and the break is also exaggerated. The bending is very slight and your right hand immediately changes position to un-weave the cards in either an upward or downward action. Instead of replacing the upper section on top of the lower section, this un-weaved section is immediately handed to the spectator, who can shuffle the cards.

September 13, 1967

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