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Effect: A pair of red Kings are placed face up on top of the deck. A spectator freely selects a card from the center of the deck where it remains. Without further ado, the sandwich on top is spread to show a face-down card between the Kings, which proves to be the selection!

Method: Remove the red Kings and place them face up on top of the deck. Explain that you are going to show them something unique with the Kings. Spread the Kings on top and as you square them, secretly get a left pinky break under the card third from the top.

Your right hand comes over and grasps all three cards from above and by the ends. Peel the first face-up King and immediately replace underneath the right-hand card(s) and say, "The red Kings will be used later and remain on top." This action places an indifferent card between the Kings. (Marlo uses this action in the First Method of "More Deuce Sandwiches"-1957.)52 Place the deck into a left-hand dealing position. Riffle down the upper left corner of the deck with your left thumb and say, "I want you to select a card by stopping me during this riffling action." Stop yourself about midpoint as your right hand lifts the upper portion above your "stopping point" and shows the spectator the face (bottom) card of the packet. Your right hand grips the packet from above and by the ends as it is raised and tilted backwards. Return the packet to the left-hand talon. This demonstration sets the stage for the mock action to follow.

Perform the left thumb riffle-action again until the spectator says "stop" as you prepare to do a modified Bluff Pass action. After stopping, two simultaneous actions occur: (1) Your right hand lifts the top two cards, holding them from above and by the ends as an entire packet; (2) As the right-hand cards are tilted backwards so that the face of the lowermost card faces the spectator, tilt your left-hand cards backwards so that the face-up King on top is not exposed. To further excuse this action, your left forefinger points to the face card of the right-hand pair as you say, "Remember this card." (Fig. 1, a side-view of the cards at this stage.)

Quickly lower the right-hand cards onto the left-hand talon as you apparently square the cards. As soon as the right-hand pair is flush, your right hand grips half the deck, lifts them upwards, and dribbles them onto the lower half. Patter: "Your card is somewhere in the middle of the deck."

At this point the effect is over and the rest is showmanship. Hold the packet at its lower right corner with your right hand and give the cards a quick upward jerk. As you make this magical gesture, say: "It's all done by inertia." Spread the top three cards to disclose a face-down card between the face-up Kings. Have the spectator remove the face-down card to discover his selection.

52 "More Deuce Sandwiches" was published in The New Tops (May - 1968) and in M.I.N.T. - Volume Two (1995) , p. 1. This standard method of loading a card between two sandwich-cards is used all the time by magicians and though it has been expectantly reinvented on a regular basis, this may be the first place it was published.

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