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Marlo not only displeased himself, but realized that he could not please everybody. He thought that "All You Have To Do Is Watch" was a superior version, but some magicians objected that the last Deuce was inessential or extraneous to the effect. That is, it was not part of the multiple sandwich at the climax. This method, which is described as briefly as possible, will probably dissatisfy the same magicians.47

You should by now be familiar with standard Addition Moves and Marlo's Atfus Move In showing the four Deuces and performing the standard Addition Moves, you exchange the two red Deuces. This leaves you with two red Deuces on top of the deck. On the table, you have two indifferent cards and two black Deuces.

Get a left pinky break under the top two Deuces of the deck and carry out the Atfus technique as you apparently show the four Aces. After doing so, you will have two Aces face up under the

47 This ended up dissatisfying less cardmen than anticipated. This version remains in many repertoires and was reprinted in Full Tilt (1992), p. 67 and L & L's Flashpoints.

top card (a Deuce). On the table from face-to-back will be an Ace, Deuce (face down), and an Ace. The supposed Ace-packet is face up on the table.

Focus attention on the supposed Deuce-packet. The first two cards, which are indifferent cards assumed to be Deuces, are inserted into the back end of the pack. They are actually inserted into the center, as you turn the pack so that the spectator sees them going into the center. These supposed Deuces are not inserted together, but go into different parts with one higher or lower than the other.

When it comes time to handle the actual Deuces, get set for a three-card Tilt. One of the remaining Deuces is picked up and flashed before you insert it under the top card, using Tilt. Square up and get set for a two-card Tilt as you handle the final Deuce like the preceding one. Give the pack a final square up.

All that remains is to place the supposed Ace-packet on top of the deck. Marlo added the following touch: Before you pick up the tabled Ace-packet, the deck is further squared. During this squaring action, your right thumb slightly lifts up on the top three cards so that your left pinky can get a break below them. Just as quickly, your right thumb slightly lifts the top card as your left third finger moves in to hold another break.

Your right hand then places the Ace-packet face up onto the deck. Since your right hand is above the deck, your right thumb can easily pick off the first pair of cards (which are back-to-back) and move them to the right in a side-jogging action. The two breaks previously held make it easy to side-jog the next two pairs of cards to display four face-up Aces. (Fig. 1)

To conclude, cleanly square-up the supposed Aces, then magically squeeze and spread to show the Collectors. Remove an eight-card spread, each Ace having a face-down card below it. You may prefer to turn the eight-card fan over to show the four Deuces all at once. If you choose this option, note that the Deuces appear in the same red-black order they were apparently originally placed into the deck.

You can avoid using the breaks by simply Double Lifting each pair, lifting them from above and by the ends with your right hand. The back-to-back pairs are moved over to the right one pair at a time, forming the condition shown in Figure . Regardless, it is probably done to mitigate your own guilty feelings.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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