Edward Marlo

The swivel-action is easy and trouble-free. Once the upper cards are swung clear, place the cards under the left-hand portion with your right hand. The culled cards are now on the face (bottom) of the deck. It should be obvious that the simple cull just described can be used to exactly place the culled cards to a predetermined position. Just position the block-Ace at the requisite number from the top or bottom of the deck.

When Bruce Cervon's bottom palm appeared in Talisman (Volume 1 - Number 45), Marlo liked the idea of palming from the spread. After thinking about it, he objected to its restrictive aspects. These two methods are different from Cervon's method and enables you to palm one or several cards with equal ease.

Hold the deck similar to the Master Grip Position from Seconds-Centers-Bottoms. (Fig. 1) Suppose you want to palm the four bottom cards. Spread the cards between your hands. Your right fingers are at the inner end of the spread and the cards are spread forwards slightly until only the bottom four cards are under the control of your left thumb. (Fig. 2)

April 16, 1980

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