To Be Performed With Burn Card Seven

A card is freely selected and handed to the performer The performer pinches the card between his finger and thumb and adds pressure; he then quickly pulls his hand away to show his finger and thumb blistered and burnt The card is then shown to have a small hole burnt through it where the card was held

This effect uses gaff card eight; the Jack of Clubs

Position the gaff card at the bottom of the deck and the regular JC in your favourite forcing position. You will also need a lighter in your right pocket unless you are using a candle or a borrowed lighter.

Force the force card on the spectator and as they are looking at it, cop away the bottom gaff card as you put the deck down.

Take the selected Jack from the spectator pinched between fingers 1 and 2 as in image51. As soon as you get the card, swing it into a tenkai-palm whilst at the same time holding your copped hand out to slightly revealing the gaff card. This is shown through images51-53 and is designed to look like the card simply being passed to the other hand. This move is quite difficult as there is a lot going on and you have to keep a bit of shade over the copped gaff when it's revealed as you don't yet want to reveal the burns just yet. You should keep the hole in the card covered by your thumb.

Hold the open gaff card up a little and push the card up to your finger tip without revealing the hole.

As you rub the card between your finger and thumb, add a lot of pressure, this will allow the hole in the card to leave an imprint on both your finger and thumb, this may also leave a little bit of black from the initial burn which will add a lot to the effect.

Sharply throw the card to a surface and shake your hand as if burnt, then simply point to the card to reveal the burnt card. At this point you can dump the Tenkai palmed card.

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