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Regarding Mr. Williams' great card trick, Prof. Hoffman writes : " One of the cleverest and most effective card tricks with which i am acquainted." Surely this is sufficient recommendation. Price 4/- (particulars stamp). " Nuff said."—Cristo, Bagnall Street, West Bromwich.

^y ANTED.—Hesitating Advertisers to read these

Dear Sirs, I enclose an advert for your next issue, I am pleased to inform you that although I only advertised in " Magic," handcuffs, leg-irons and spirit collar, last issue, I have already sold twelve pairs of handcuffs, three pairs of leg-irons, several trick handcuffs and specials, and owing to conjurers reading my advert and enquiring about other tricks it has enabled me to sell many pieces of apparatus that I had not advertised. Yours fraternally,

Walter Hall.

Gentlemen. — Kindly insert enclosed advert, in your next issue. I have sold nearly all of the articles advertised in your last issue- in all to value of 16/-—and could have sold some of them twice over. Use this as you think best to induce others to take advantage of such a valuable medium as "Magic."

Yours faithfully,

"\iriLL exchange Lang-Neil's " Modern Conjurer" ** for Hoffmann's " More Magic."—Drower, Lake End, Broadway, Maidenhead.

TVTAGICIAN. Another good novelty for you. A card is selected by one of audience, and loaded into pistol. Drawer of card now fires at performer and card appears upon bosom of performer's shirt, and card taken off and handed for examination. Very ingenious. Complete 2/6 Cristo, West Bromwich.

HAMLEY'S " Marvellous Printing Machine " cost 19/- with case. What cash offers or exchange in drawing room tricks.—Harper, Lanesfield, Wolverhampton.


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