The Devilman

By MERRTDKN HOWARD, Pearson's Magazine. An Interview with Mr. Douglas Beaufort, some years ago Officially Dispatched by the Government to Conciliate the Sultan of Morocco.

It was the Arabs whom lie encountered in Morocco who called Mr. Douglas Beaufort the Devil-Man, The title conveyed their respectful homage, colored perhaps, with something approaching fear. Mr. Beaufort in his official capacity as a conjurer accompanied the British Mission dispatched some years ago to conciliate the late Sultan of Morocco. One remembers how Cortez, on his return from Mexico, brought with him a number of jugglers, dancers, and buffoons of marvellous dexterity, who were thought a suitable present for the Pope, and how the Gift greatly delighted Clement VII., who was of the joyous Medici family. And it was instead of other presents that Mr. Beaufort was sent by our Government to win the heart of the Sultan.

France, it is whispered, liad already added beauties to His Majesty's harem, and had supplemented this gift with a dissolving view apparatus illustrating the lighter side of the gayest life in Paris. The British Government replied by sending out a conjurer.

During the journey to Fez from the coast Mr. Beaufort gave several impromptu performances, and so well had the news of his powers spread, that by the time Fez was reached the Sultan flatly declined to see this "Devil-Man," who, he not unnaturally thought, had been sent by the British Government to cast a spell over him.

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