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Proprietors, STANYON & Co. Editor, ELLIS STANYON.

Office: 76 Solent Road, West Hampstead, London, N.W.

("Magic" is issued to Annual Subscribers only.) ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION.—12 Months by post, 5,6 ($1.50)

Commencing in our last issue, readers EDITORIAL. will find Stanyon & Co.'s new list containing numerous novelties, and showing a remarkable reduction in price when compared with other makers' lists—as much as 50 °/0 reduction on some of the tricks. This reduction is net made on account of any inferiority; it is generally admitted at this date, that apparatus constructed by Stanyon & Co. is superior to any on the market, and purchasers may rest assured that the firm intend to keep up their reputation for high-class work. Trc truth is the reluction is made possible by the great increase of sales during the p ist hvelve months and a determination to still further increase the business.

Apparatus is made in their own workshops by their own skilled mechanics, and with this great advantage, and knowing that their products are unequalled, Stanyon & Co. are able to guarantee quality and perfection, and further, to challenge comparison with the products of any other conjuring trick maker in the world.

flagicians on Tour are requested to send a post card to this office each month, notifying change of address that "Magic " may reach them promptly on the first of the month.

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