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Vol.. IV. No. 2. Entered at Stationers Hall.


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HUBERT PICTON (Liverpool).

Last month we had something to say on the value of conjuring as a hobby, and we have now much pleasure in introducing to our readers Mr. Hubert Picton, a native of Liverpool, and from infancy a devotee of conjuring and allied arts, in particular Paper-Folding, as a hobby. During a very pleasant interview which tock place at this office recently the subject of our sketch revealed to us the fact, that he is possessed of extraordinary skill in Sleight of Hand, his manipulation of Cards and Billiard Balls being ' finished' in the extreme. His production, manipulation, and disappearance of Five Solid Balls is truly remarkable— in fact, in this branch of the art we consider he has reached the acme 01 digital dexterity.

From skill displayed one might almost imagine Mr. Picton to be a Methusaleh in years (he does not mention his age) and to have practised from his childhood but unless this is a particular phase of his ability to deceive he has not seen more than 25 to 30 summers. In

Mr. Hubert Picton.

addition to sleight of Hand he presents quite a number of novel spectacular effects, although, as he informs us, he hasnot as yet taken wholly to conjuring as a profession. He also makes quite a number of new designs in Paper-Folding, something out of the beaten track, and was good enough to give us ocular demonstation of his researches in this direction with the aid of a much torn and delapi-dated papier picked up, on the spur of the moment, in a corner of our Editor's " den." We had better papiers in stock, but—" This is good enough for me" which, of course, implied the old axiom '' good workmen can use any tools."

The "Key" card that enables the conjurer to produce a chosen card seemingly lost in the pack is an old dodge, but Mr. Picton showed us quite a novel application of the ruse—and requested that it be explained in these pages for the benefit of our readers—the explanation will be found in this issue. There is little doubt but that the amateur invents what the professional, mainly for want of time, is glad to employ. The professional rushes in with '' What have you got that is new, I want a new act.'' The amateur comes in calmly with "I've got a good idea, what do you think of this." It's an oft mooted question " Is there anything new under the sun." Mr. Picton says, apart from entertaining others, there is much that is interesting and instructive in conjuring and, as Paganini said of the violin, as it can never be learned there must be much that is new in the art.

Being endowed with the requisite qualities we predict a brilliant future for the subject of our sketch ; and a careful watch of the firmament should reveal, as the stars of the older magicians wane, a new star rising. The name of the new star—"Picton."


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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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