Pemptly Double Its Original Size

We want to continue to improve " Magic," but improvement only comes with appreciation.

Communications, clippings, suggestions and articles bearing upon any subject within the scope of this publication solicited.

When writing to advertisers you will confer a favour upon all concerned by mentioning "Magic" ; advertisers wish to know the amount of business secured through the different mediums used.

There are many conjurers and speciality entertainers who wish to be known to the profession at large, but who are unable, on account of the high advertising rates in our theatrical papers, to advertise as they wish to and should do. "Magic"is making special efforts to secure advertisements from those who wish to advertise. You must adx>ertise if you wish to he known in the theatrical world. Amateurs should decide now, especially on account of the low rates we are offering as an inducement. All are welcome, no matter whether on the top round of popularity or only beginners.

Successful Advertising is the secret of large trade. To be successful an advertisement must be kept constantly in front of the persons you desire to reach, as it is only thus that such persons can become impressed with the value of your spécialités.

The Real Art of Advertising lays in the wording of the matter. Highly coloured adjectives, splendid superlatives, and turbid and grandiose rhetoric deceive none. The writer, however, should possess the qualities of persuasion, earnestness, faith, and enthusiasm in the work, and then the simpler the speech the better. Fulfil all promises to the letter and thus, having secured a customer, hold him indefinitely and give him cause to recommend Your trealnmit to his friends.

Messrs. MarTinka & Co. (Magicians' Headquarters), of 493, 6th Avenue are the sole Agents for the sale of " Magic " in New York.

Mr. W. D. LB Roy (Magical Saloons), 103 Court Street, is the Sole Agent for the sale of " Magic " in Boston.

Mr. T. Hayrs (Magicians' Headquarters) of Claremont, near Cape Town, is the Sole Agent for the sale of " Magic " in South Africa.

Mr. Anthon Nielsen (Magician) of Linnesgade 27, is the Sole Agent for " Magic " in Copenhagen (Denmark).

The Agencies will receive Advertisements of all kinds and will also give every information respecting "Magic," the only paper in the British Empire devoted solely to the interests of Conjurers and practitioners of the allied arts.

Agents wanted in all the large cities throughout the World.

Original Lessons in fl)agi<j.


in every issue from No. i, Vol. i, to present date.

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