Conjuring Zricks aqd J/Juyo/js, agic. Second Sight, and )\nti-Spirilualislc Tricks, -Electrical Jjand Shadow Apparatus, Juggling Goods, Venlriloauial, jMarionette and punch and Judy figures. £ooks, puzzles, /Novelties, &c., &c.

Forty-Eight -pages, size of tliis page, profusely illustrated. Handsomely bouud in stout Red Covers, ornamented magical designs. It will protect you from buying the wrong article and paying the wrong price. GIVING FREE LESfONS (with over SO Explanatory Diagrams).

STANVflN rn Inventors, Manufacturers and Importers

J 1 rtil I UH CV ^KJ., of Superior Magical Apparatus,

76 Solent Road, West Hampstead, London, N.W.,

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